Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Trening at SIO

From being a couch potato for around 3 years I started working out again with SIT in Trondheim from April 2014.

I have come to OSLO from June 2014 to work on the summer job with stakraft. Using the guest card given by SIT I work out at SIO, started with 1 class a day, varying the routines in June, but this week I amplified my workouts to see where my bodies point of breakdown is and  found it too.

Last week the 15 classes that I attended was,

10-11 Cardio Challenge Elen T
11-12 Yoga Elen T

12-1 Step Class
1-2 Pump
Didnt go 100% due to a wrist that had got sprained a week ago
Atheletica CENTRUM
4-5 Step Basic
Used this as a warm up for the other sessions.
5-6 Ball core
It was fun with some pair work added into the mix.
The session was called FEEL and it was a real High Intensity Training Work out including both strenth and endurance

Atheletica DOMUS
6-7 Circle training
This was also strength and cardio training but done in a circle using diffrenet aids, starting from the STEPs to dumb bells.
8 pack
This was focused on the stomach and the back.

5-6 Strenth 45
This was both pump using weights and body weight exercises and was a hard core workout. The Trainer nmade the 45 minutes feel like 45 hours!
Missed the 4-5  class because of a traffic jam and the 6-7 class was cancelled!

5-6 Cycling interval
Spinning for 1 hour as a warm up
6-7 Basis ball
This was very interactive session, hardcore full body workout, the instructor even had the students wrestling each other!

4-5 Yoga Restority
Felt quite good, since the focus is to restore the body after a hard week.
5-6 Cardio challenge
Felt a hamstring pain and so didnt go 100% , the right hamstring continued to be painful and hurt like hell.

10-11 Cardio challenge
This workout was the most hard core cardio added to difficult dance move that I have yet done. In the morning didnt feel a pain in the hamstring , just a little twinge.
However i went light on my right leg and decided to quit the 12-1 circle training session I had planned earlier.

The 15 hours workout time in a period of a week is a personal record for me!

Initial planned to do same as last sunday but now Planning to make it a total rest day so that i can go to the edge next week as well. My left hand is now giving me pain. so I believe this is my body at the edge of the breakdown limit. Feeling curious if i will have the motivation and if the body will be able to keep up with this schedule.