Thursday, June 7, 2012

SF6 Gas Pressure to density conversion : Circuit Breaker Indications

Hi Guyz!!! Its being a loooooong time away from Blogging!!!! My workschedule was totally cramped and the learning curve was very steep ... till now. Being able to take things a bit slowly after getting familiar with the things!!!! Ommmm...... Working with HV CB erection and commisioning works these days. Fixed an Online Monitoring system (OLM) for a CB. Now u foks know that the SF6 density monitors give their values in MPa. No issues with that. However after i installed the OLM SF6 analogue sensor found to my horror that it gave values in ..... Kg/m3 . Now how come we get two different units for the same measurement. I wanted to check if my readings from the OLM was matching with the indication in the analogue meter. Searched internet for a MPa to Kg/m3 conversion script. Nope. So i thought back to the Physics of the yesteryears and calculated the worksheet. for SF6 gas and temperature of 32C We get 0.72 MPa === 41.46797161 Kg/m3. Have shared the worksheet for your convenience!!!!