Monday, May 31, 2010

How my days went by

I have been very busy these days. Combine work for CIMA global bussiness challenge, eesoc AGM, Exmo 2010 exhibition with a paper for ICset 2010, Final year project and karate, well that leaves no time to do thing like sleeping and eating.

The days after the rains stopped, i went to the park for about 10 work outs. Today i did speed running for 21.50 mts, 30 knuckle, 20 finger and 20 palm push-ups, 50 crunches and 30 leg raises. Add stretching and thigh joint exercises to 100 full scots to complete the workout.

After i came home and fixed the new lock to my fron door, pretty hard to do carpenters stuff without the proper tools, but some how managed. It looks great now.

In the evening i went for karate , that is after a loong looong time. We do leg techniques for one hour. It was very hard, each technique repeated 100 times from maekaege to mawashigeri and ushiro mawashigeri. Very tough indeed.

While coming home brought some vegetables for mom. Came home had a wash and sleeping at 11pm.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flooding on May 17th

What a torrontial downpour it was.... It was raining cats and dogs for about hours on end!!!

Here are the resulted flooding ....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First kyokushin session after one month

I couldnt go to the dojo for about one month because of variuos obligations.

Within that time i used to go the the park and work out.

I would run hard and complete 4km within 16mts. I would then stretch myself. Next would be 20 knuckle pushups on the gravel.

I would then do neck and shoulder/arm exercises. Then 20*2 = 40 palm pushups.

Next wold be 2 sets of 50 crunches followed by 40 leg raises. I would end the work out by doing 100 full scots.

The running thing is very taxing and does take to the limit.

Well i guess u will think this to be a pretty crazyd workout.

If u think so, u must b kidding.......

I just learnt what a real hard work out was after going for karate classes today.

It started with basic kihon in kiba dachi. After the first set my thighs were burning and beleive me after about 45 minutes my legs were numb with pain. At the last set the legs contorting (shivering) involuntarily.

Then we had do punches in shizentai, fighting techniques. It would not have been hard but for the previous work-out having burned us out.
Next was punching side ways in shiko dachi. It never did any good to the painful thighs.

Then we got a rest. Sorry no water or any fluids. But rest in seiza, after some time my ankles were burning and seemed as being about to break.
haha next comes the yummy part....

Maegiri starting from 1 repetition to 7 in a row, one set 20 repetitions (10 per leg) . It was hell. Couldnt even lift my leg properly in the final set. Seven maegiri in a row ......

Then mawashigeri chudan similarly, it started from 7 and went to one.

Lastly another set of mawashigeri but this time 9 kicks in a row.

When i abstain from practice for protracted time i seem to forget what it takes to complete a 2 hr kyokushin session. Hopefully my cardio will increase. I also hope to do some heavy weights for my legs which are sadly very weak.

The session showed me what it really takes to be a karateka. The heart needed is tremendous and keeping at it needs a iron hard perseverence.

Becoming a mature blogger

All these years i have been blogging away happily without thinking what the content is or whether the quality is right , i have blogged away what ever that came to my mind.

Now i see that i need to be more mature in my blogging. As the ultimate objective is dessimination of knowledge and experinces , i need to be more specific and clear in what i exspress. Else the objective can not be realized.