Sunday, March 28, 2010

Final Year project review 2 presentations 2010/03/25

Some presentations were awesome, some great, some normal and others dismal. So if any of you guyz think it is necessary to improve presentation skills, we warmly invite you to attend gavel club educational meetings (no need to become a member, attend as a guest). This will polish up your presentation skills and give you much needed confidence.A minimum attendance of 5 days will be enough to polish up the basic concepts. Do not wait till you get a job and have to do a presentation to the board of directors. Work on these skills now because even if v wud make mistakes that is in front of your friends(who will help u to overcome them) and not in midst of rivals (from other universities).

Apart from this, if u wanna do the final presentation with a bang and a zing, lets start work on the presentation skills now and not at the last moment.

I uploaded these vids with great trouble, for it will show (though the quality of vids r not high) u how u performed. These may yet be valued memories for you all, coz 4 some this may be the last presentation done at the uni.

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