Sunday, March 28, 2010

Final Year project review 2 presentations 2010/03/25

Some presentations were awesome, some great, some normal and others dismal. So if any of you guyz think it is necessary to improve presentation skills, we warmly invite you to attend gavel club educational meetings (no need to become a member, attend as a guest). This will polish up your presentation skills and give you much needed confidence.A minimum attendance of 5 days will be enough to polish up the basic concepts. Do not wait till you get a job and have to do a presentation to the board of directors. Work on these skills now because even if v wud make mistakes that is in front of your friends(who will help u to overcome them) and not in midst of rivals (from other universities).

Apart from this, if u wanna do the final presentation with a bang and a zing, lets start work on the presentation skills now and not at the last moment.

I uploaded these vids with great trouble, for it will show (though the quality of vids r not high) u how u performed. These may yet be valued memories for you all, coz 4 some this may be the last presentation done at the uni.

Inauguration ceremony foundation stone laying for stupa

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Passing away of a great man : Former Principle and old Cambrian Mr. H L B Gomes

He was a great man indeed. Just his presence made the place light up. He had an amazing personality and was friendly and helpful to a fault.

I got to know him properly in the last few weeks of grade 4 , when i entered prince of wales college (my father taught their for sometime , so he new him well) . At that day he kissed me on my forehead and told me to study well.

His work in the primary

I was in the primary choir and it was an amazing experience we practiced passionately for hours (Can't remember our teacher , but can just say that her passion for music was phenomenal) , ultimately we won the second place in the western province. And it was made possible by the atmosphere created by the late principle Gomes.
He was like a father to us. I can remember in grade 6 , once i needed to get the data about the school for a project on social studies. So after school i went to office and asked for the data. He smiled and gave me the information and praised me for my efforts. Such was his way, his small gesture galvanized us and brought the maximum potential out of all he knew.
Another time i can remember when a young teacher punished me excessively for no real reason at all, i went to him crying. He acted immediately and changed the teacher. That was how we got Mrs. Balagalle as our social studies teacher. She was a marvel and an awesome teacher herself, so ultimately we profitted in this ugly episode. This showed his sensitivity , understanding and ability to react quickly and successfully deal with problems.
He was a passionate cricket fan, when we won the lemonade trophy the whole school was in festive mode and he gave the players tremendous recognition. Such was his passion for life.
Two or three times in a row he was adjudged as the best principle of our country, obviously he was on the top. Professionalism oozed from every thing he did , every aspect of his life is an example for all, in short he was a great man.
He was harsh when the need arose. When some senior rascals did some serous offense i can remember him stripping them to underwear and hosing them down in front of the whole school. It was not wrathful but done so as to shame those fellas and make gentlemen out of them.
For me he was like a father. At the end of the term assembly record book giving away, he would introduce me as "dharmawardena from zimbabwe , who is showing colors ..." , such personal encouragement did uplift our spirits and made us strive for more.
In the days past whilst traveling to university i thought of dropping in at his house in katubadda and meeting him. But alas it is still in my to do list marked not done. I pledge that i will not wait till the end but go and show respect to my betters whilst they are alive.
His work at the school could be seen at the wonderful (awesome quality) English days (concerts) and prize givings we had in his time. Apart from the great number of buildings that he gave to the school he was instrumental in reviving the primary section which had been closed for a number of years.
His time at Prince of Wales' College was a decade of glory and success that has been written in golden letters in the book of history.
He was a great educationalist who lit up countless young lives.
Though he has left us, as old Cambrians we can honor him by taking his light and spreading it as he did to us. By making his vision our mission.
Dear Sir, May you attain Nibbana!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

3rd training session

Started with normal wprmups. Then 20 punching kihon techniques.

Then shihan strated on fighting techniques. The double punch, 4 punches, 2punches and 2 thrust punches. knee kick combined to that combo.
Then the side junp techniques. maegiri side jump and maegiri from other leg. Same for mawashigeri. Then mawashigeri normal jump and turn a full rund with momentum and mawasigeri.
Then some ippon kumite. Double punch countered with thigh kick combo with partner. Then double punch countered with front kick maegiri. As the middle punch is blocked, that side is open therefore a very effective technique.

My problem is my left mawashi-geri is not high enough. need to do some serious stretching.

Then all got a chance of fighting with pasindu sensei for 1 minute. He did not go fast aggressive nor head kicks so minimum damage. He is as fast as a viper. Unbelievable reflexes.

At home a bit sore with my thigh , else feels ok.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

watch live cricket online

I usually watch live cricket using crictime streams.

But this time on ipl 3 live stream is available from youtube for free. Awesome stuff. Here is the link

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2nd 2 hour kyokushin session for the season

Today was my 2nd session for this season. My confidence is pretty low as i havent trained regularly.
went to class at 5.40
Shihan asked us all to make a ring and did kihon. We were emphasized on correct stance sanchin and correct form of the techniques.
I got scolded for my side punch techniques. Then after completing uke techniques we had to do 30 knuckle push ups.

After that a grueling session of knife hand strikes and again 30 knuckle pushups. Only then did things start to blacken out for me. I got faintish and knees grew weak, so i had to rest at 6.50.

Felt alright at 7.10 and then did 3 sets of 100 chudan mawashigeri.

Then at 7.3o stretching . It was a complete streching workout of 10mts.
Pretty exhausting workout. I need to take precaution against fainting again and seriously need to start work on power cardio and kata. Taking the brown belt graing next month seems a sure way to shorten my life span by a couple of decades. Maybe i will do it on october.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kyokushin kata session after a lapse of 4 months

Today went through a gruelling kata session at the dojo.

My arms were paining after doing a lot of pullups on monday.

Sensei pasindu did the session.

warmup running 4 5mts.

Normal warm up exercises and streching.

10 taiko sono ichi
10 taiko sono ni
10 taiko sono sun

10 sokiku taiko sono ichi
3 sokiku taiko sono ni
2 sokiku taiko sono sun

it was pretty hard on my cardio. Infact i had problems with my balance and stance.

But great session which really streched the limit.