Sunday, February 28, 2010

Robot platform drive

My Code:

Working code. The manual is not very informative. Had to insert a 20 ms delay between i2c write commands to get the code to work.

Problems that we had to overcome:

1. SDA / SCL connection is not enough , the ground of MD 25 should be made common with the ground of the microcontroller board

2. After each I2c_Wr() i2c write command, a delay of about 20 ms needs to be inserted, otherwise the motor will not work. Not able to write to MD 25 i2c registers.

3. After testing the RD02 , i found that my right hand side motor is not working properly , there is about 60 degrees free play in it. Torque generated and speed also is very low compared to the other motor which is healthy.

The problem seems to be in the gearwheel and DC motor axle connection.

I sent a email to devantech (robotelectronics) requesting for replacement of faulty motor. Hopefully they will do that. i will update my blog as it proceeds.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

training resumed

Thursday i ran for 18mts.
60 pushups
50 scots
30 crunches
30 leg raises
today at the dojo we had a awesome session .

with dumbbells on our hand (1pd) we did with out stepping 1000 middle punches

500 knee kicks
200 mawashigeri jodan.
200 ushiro mawashigeri

man did it take us to the edge and beyond. tapped energy that i did not think i had. My body is paining but am happy with it.

At the end we had a sumo wrestling session.

Well i did awful. My wresling skills are simply 0. No explosiveness and i just let the opponent manhandle me, giving into the pain. I will have to do something about it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to program the computer to shutdown automatically in predefined time

Here is the command shutdown -s -f -t 21600

This will automatically shutdown the PC in 6 hours
note: 60*60*6 =21600 seconds

so what ever time you require please put it in seconds and replace over 21600

e.g. 45 seconds
shutdown -s -f -t 45

shutdown -s -f -t 19000

project term day 1

We bought the components for the PIC controller board. Got the PCB printed and soldered it. Tomorrow we will complete the soldering and test the board.

I borrowed a book "Adaptive digital filtering" from the library , will go through it as well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Travelling by train in Srilanka

.The creenshot shows the official website which is recommended to be referred before train travel in srilanka.

Today i came from Galle to Dehiwala by the Matara - Colombo express train.

I got the information about the schedule from the website

The railway website was simply designed and extremely accurate as well, i am really impressed by the professionalism shown by these people. Awesome stuff!

It was scheduled to start from galle at 3.45pm . Instead though it was at the station by 3.30pm , it started travelling only at 3.55pm . A slight delay of 10mts which can be neglected.

It came to moratuwa at 6.04pm , and according to schedule it was to arrive at 6.05pm. So it was on the dot.

It came to dehiwala at 6.16 pm while scheduled arrival was 6.19pm .

Lets now compare the average sped of travel by this particular train.

Distance from galle to moratuwa = 100Km

Time taken = 2 hrs 10mts approx

Average speed between moratuwa and galle = 46Km/hr

Accurate Distance moratuwa and dehiwala (from = 8.7 Km

Time taken = 12mts

Average speed = 43.5Km/hr

The conclusion that it is awesome stuff . In times where train is not crowded e.g. From galle to colombo in the evening (colombo to galle in the morning) , It is recommemded to take the train if both bus and train options are available at the same time. It is safer than bus, more relaxing and a great way to enjoy the beauty of the coastal beaches, swamps, rivers and lagoons of srilanka.

It is also much faster as my experience shows. Ofcourse it is assumed that this kind of professionalism is maintained through out by SRD .

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cost Benefit analysis of netmetering in srilanka

This is a technical paper on "economic analysis for netmetering" that i did for my final year independent project.