Saturday, January 16, 2010

some moments in time

The first two exam were great, but the difficult ones are still to come.

Came home at 2 , washed my cloths and bathed. Kind of over eat lunch (lunh + chicken + halape + milk tea) and the post lunch session was pretty painful. Was in two minds becoz of dat , to go or not to go 4 karate. But stayed till 5.25 . The pain didnt stop. so went for practice thinking dat wat will b will b.

At training pain decreased slowly and at the second part it ceased completely. Karate rockz! the ibuki, nugare and nugare ura with braeting in seiza and muksukudachi all helped to ease the pain and stress.

Went for the kyokushin class today. awesome training , shihan did fighting techniques with ido(foot) techniques. moving and stuff integrated with combos. Pretty tough stuff. sometimes the combos get mixed up and we do some thing completely different.

Finished the session with 3 sets of 20 knuckle pushups each. Also meditated for 5 mts in muksodachi, seems that is done at the shaolin temple, pretty difficult stuff.

Came home at 8.30pm. Skipped dinner , i fasted tonight. Had a small session with my sister to motivate her to put more effort into her AL studies. Though it did end up a bit rough and her crying the scheme was a complete success, she got the point..

sleep at 11pm

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