Sunday, January 17, 2010

The results of the Kyokushin fighting technique session

Yesterday we had a very repetitive fighting technique session at the dojo.

it was kinda of boring but great on cardio. endless repetitions culminationg in 5 fron hand punches 1 backhand punch
front leg maegiri, back leg maegiri, change stance, backleg mawashigeri! it was pretty hard to keep up the initial intensity.


In the morning i punched a bit on the bag in my home. My hands were much faster than the usual, it felt very light and powerful. The punches just came in bunches without ever thinking about a combo.

Now this is what i call instant results. Kyokushin rockz! Osu!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Operational Research Vogels Approximation VAM

When the least cost elements are equal in the VAM method our lecturer gave the algo as to use the other greater value and get a penalty greater than 0.

But this says to use 0 penalty when the cost are equal. A big ambiguity. But luckily i didnt do the sum at the exam so it didnt matter.


some moments in time

The first two exam were great, but the difficult ones are still to come.

Came home at 2 , washed my cloths and bathed. Kind of over eat lunch (lunh + chicken + halape + milk tea) and the post lunch session was pretty painful. Was in two minds becoz of dat , to go or not to go 4 karate. But stayed till 5.25 . The pain didnt stop. so went for practice thinking dat wat will b will b.

At training pain decreased slowly and at the second part it ceased completely. Karate rockz! the ibuki, nugare and nugare ura with braeting in seiza and muksukudachi all helped to ease the pain and stress.

Went for the kyokushin class today. awesome training , shihan did fighting techniques with ido(foot) techniques. moving and stuff integrated with combos. Pretty tough stuff. sometimes the combos get mixed up and we do some thing completely different.

Finished the session with 3 sets of 20 knuckle pushups each. Also meditated for 5 mts in muksodachi, seems that is done at the shaolin temple, pretty difficult stuff.

Came home at 8.30pm. Skipped dinner , i fasted tonight. Had a small session with my sister to motivate her to put more effort into her AL studies. Though it did end up a bit rough and her crying the scheme was a complete success, she got the point..

sleep at 11pm

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First kyokushin training session for 2010

Today was a very busy day time flew by without notice. I went for training after 3 weeks. Left home at 5pm . There was a big bloody traffic block at nugegoda bogaha junc. so was bloody late for training and i hate to go late coz when i miss the warm ups it very difficult 2 cope.

Today shihan took the whole class. He did all the basics and taught us every little secret about the main techniques.
We did 30 knuckle push ups, 20 5 finger and 15 3 finger. As i was not up to my normal level i did 10 knuckle and the rest palms.
In some techniques i had to fake coz if i had driven the tempo up i may have blacked out. Luckily i paced the session nicely. We were given one rest, but we had to stay in seiza. Staying in seiza for 7-8 minutes i pretty difficult, but does wonders to the strength level. (correct form must be maintained)

Shihan told that i will do my brown belt grading next time. so awesome stuff.

Today's session was awesome in the sense in had lots of pain and exercised a lot of mental power. I did not black out and went to my very limit.

Thank you shihan for the awesome training today!

Kyokushin karate is awesome!!!!