Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Orion in the sky

About a year ago my eyesight dropped rapidly , i coudnt even find the constellations in the sky. But today peeking from the balcony i saw my favorite "ORION" the hunter in the sky. The ancient Greek mythologies that i read in my childhood made me a dreamer and a romantic. I still do dream a lot.
Orion was a major reason of me doing so. Seeing Orion today makes me feel my old confident self again. I did lose my confidence about a year ago when i screwed my studies big time in level 3.
But things have being great lately and i feel my spirit heart and brains have returned. i am pumped up and ready to charge and do what i want, the way i want and be the best hasala ever!

Funny how seeing a simple thing as a constellation in the sky made me soo happy !

Life is awesome :) :) :)

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