Friday, November 27, 2009

kyokushin night 2009

kyokushin night 2009 was held from 6pm to 1am at the sakagawa hall colpetty on 21st november , which is incidentally my Bday.

It was great fun.
We were introduced to the history and people instrumental in building kyokushin organization to what it is today.
We were shown a short video with all time greats getting prepared for the 1st world tournament.
We were also shown a slide show with imporatant photos taken at imporatant junctions of kyokushin.

We also met a lot of old karatekas who have stopped training due to other responsibilities.

Entertainment was great we were entertained with a variety of songs encompassing all gendres.

Sensei gamini kuruppu sang some nice songs and his acts were very entertaining.

Mrs. Siriwardenas' neice kushani sandareka also sang some songs and also her sister sang a couple or more. Leka aunty also sang one song.

Apart from the music their was a small musical chairs competition for children as well as adults and a paper dancing competition.

It was an awesome night. The 6 hours were well spent.

Got alift to home. was home by 2.00



Slept at 2.30am .

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