Saturday, October 10, 2009

When the going gets tough the tough gets going

Today i woke at 5.45 . Couldn't go to the katina perahera as my cousin didnt answer his phone. What a mess. Went to the temple and gave the fruits mom had promised.

Went to techno to get the details for our robot and to get ideas/contacts for our independent study. Pancha came with me , so it was fun.
We went to each and every stall and had a gala time. What a well of knowledge it was!

Watched IESL robogames, so many participants from different backgrounds, from unis, ousl to HNDE!

We got an idea about the required parts and configurations, Samitha malli promised give us there platform for testing! one headache has got solved! mission success.

Came home at 4.15. I was weary after hours of walking around, but had my lunch and immediately went for karate practices. Messed up the time , thought class starts at 5 when it actually starts at 5.30pm

Today was the most demanding day in my 4 years of kyokushin. Shihan took the class. All started with lots of punches.He emphasized on learning how to make a fist and performing a punch properly . Then in order to strenthen the fis,t inbetween sets of punches 20 knuckle pushup sets were done. Well after ever so many sets of knuckles we had to do finger pushups 20. Then it was sets of 50 punches in kiba dachi! it was very very painful and took every bit of physical as well as internal ki energy we had.

After that he asked us to do maegiri, beleive me i couldn't count the number, may be about 400 or 600 without a break . It just went on and on! at the end my eyes were almost closed and i did it in a state of half consciousness. I only woke up when i hit the bottom of the hot chick who was in front of me. What a workout, it took our last bit of external internal and mind energy and we had to go on doing it with nothing to draw energy from. I don't think lot of men have experienced that sensation. Very extreme mind power at work, and astonishingly i was able to cope well given that i still am recovring from the injuries sustained in a fight 2 months ago. I could feel my internal strength expanding and filling the void. And to feel it you need to go to ur extreme, and then keep on going an equal distance to what u have travelled till that point, and not many can do that without quitting because the pain and difficu;ty increases exponentially per each rep!

That was not the end, then come the yummy part. 500 continous scots. It was indeed a day for the mind to get going. I was past exhaustion after completing 150 and each rep afterwards was done with the internal ki energy (my voice is hoarse after yelling kiai , i can feel blood in my throat)

Well that was not the end too!!!!

Then we did 10 mts normal fighting techniques , i did it as if in a dream, half sleep half awake, i was that tired!
I was so very tired physically but very revives and energized mentally. It was indeed one of the biggest and hardest workout i had ever done in my life! After finishing the class shihan told us seniors, about the "kyokushin nite" organized on november 21st which is incidentally my Bday.

need to fill in the blog for the week ending 2day.
Came home at 8. Sleep at 11.45pm .

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