Sunday, October 11, 2009



Woke at 5.30 . Went to the grounds. Did 35 pull ups, 40 knuckle pushups , 20 palm push ups and 50*2 crunches.

Did a complete (hard) stretching workout after a about 2 weeks after doing a 2km run for warm ups. I feel my cardio endurance is decreasing. Need to work on it. Good work out. I felt it in my bones.No lectures today. We went to give the the final presentation to supervisor. He showed us some places to correct.
Worked on them timm 12.30 and corrected them.
Went to escort namal to deposit the gavel strategic sponsor cheque at the sampath bank. Came to uni again at 2.00pm .Tried studying fault analysis but progress was so very slow. Very frustrating seems my basics have weakened by a mile. Will have to start again from the beginning and master the basics.
Todays efficiency was very very low. Im not happy about what I achieved today, a total wash out. Sleep at 10.

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