Sunday, October 11, 2009


Woke at 6. Went to the installation lecture at 8. Modified the presentation again. Rehearsed it with meeya. Went to the hostel had a wash and came back at 1.
Went for the final yr first project presentation.
Our presentation became a mess.
The earlier group had disconnected the desktop that we rehearsed with and connected their laptop to use the phone as a remote.
Our presentor meeya had used that laptop for the presentation.
The picture that we had cut from pdfs and pasted to the slides showed with very little contrast , so much so that it was almost not visible. This gave way to the presentation being interrupted and our group being blamed of plagiarism. And the presentor being weak in communication skills got stuck and made a mess of it. But after completion of presentation at the questioning session we were able to prove that we did not do so.
What a nightmare.!

We being the most hardworking group , having started work weeks before others, being made to be publicly humiliated.
After the presentation we got together and had a nice chat. We decided to
  1. To keep wednesdaay as project day
  2. to invest any amount without hesitation on project
  3. to multi thread the duties
  4. to loan a platform from iesl robogames participants to test our system and to get an idea about what to buy for our robot

Went to the lab and searched about RF communication unit , found a quite a bit of literature, seems it wont be that much of a big deal.

We will jump start the project from this week.

Went to hostel and did some work on the thyristor coursework.

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