Sunday, October 11, 2009



Woke up at 6. Came to uni at 8. Was very sleepy in the morning. Our juniors organized a teachers (lecturers) day at 12.00 . Went to that. Only me and hello were there from level 4. It was a great idea and was superbly executed, even the dean of engineering faculty attended. At the ceremony all the students present including me honoured the lecturers by worshipping them. As handshake is done to appreciate someone in the west, this part of the world we appreciate their services by worshipping.

Then I worked with my friends on the first project presentation and worked late to completely finish it.

The presentation looks pretty cool. Im extremely satisfied with the result. Dictated what to be said at the presentation to my friend who is presenting it on Thursday.

Went to help the gavel Speak Olympiad, but the project chairs had all under control. Good job guyz

Came to the hostel at 7.30 . Revised work done today and went through the stuff coming tomorrow. Sleep at 10.45pm.

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