Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is the present engineering education geared to meet the current regional challenges?

Woke up at 6 and went for the seminar with the above topic organized by FEISCA.

Engineer Kishore urged all engineers to support their engineering institutions and thus feisca to rise up strong to the regional challenges.

Dammika Perera, a legend in the financial world and one of the richest men of our country spoke next.
He was introduced very correctly as a person having " The character and the energy of a successfull entrepreneur "

What policies needs to meke retain technology, while meeting present needs. Engineers must serve the society.
According to him
Engineering education must produce

1.Professionals Through qualitative education

2.Large number of personnel with less time and investment to satisfy the growing demands for such personnel. Much though must be given to this.

He spoke in sinhala about the present crisis where the medical students protested the creation of private medical schools.
He said that mathematical know-how and Jealousy must be inversely related as engineers would never protest against their fellow countrymen getting the oppurtunity to get educated in their profession.

21st century the asian miracle.

The next talk was by Professor Ananda Jayawardena the dean of our faculty. His talk stood out amidst all other talks due to simply awesome communication skills of his. He spoke about how he had overcome the problems he faced and gave an insight onto the challenges we face and how we can overcome them in the future. He emphasized on the importance of developing the entrepreneurship skills and innovative thinking. He also talked about student empowerment which i consider to be an extremely important concept. He said that students themselves raise more money than the lecturers by getting sponsorships. He also spoke about mentoring programmes and industry academia collaboration.

Professor Nazrul Islam
He said that Teaching is an art and the teacher is an artist.

Differences between USA and Srilankan undergrads

UK undergrads
They study because they wont to learn
Srilankan undergrads
They study with the only oblective of getting good grades (which doesnt completely coincide with knowledge gathering)
University of moratuwa is accredited under the "Washington accord" in 2007
The food was GOOD . It was great fun. Met a lot of people.
On the way got down from bamba with isuru and haritha. got an IDE DVDwriter for isuru and a a HS-100 A4tech headset for me. Hope to try out speech recognition using it.
Came home and went for karate practices after a long 13 days rest. injuries are healed and i was coiled like a spring to workout. I gave 150% and felt extremely good at the end. All my stress and tension was swept away and my mind and body feels rested. ready to go out for another week of all out work at the uni. The weekend and the 5 days following tha will be very very busy and cricial in my plans fro the next 4 years.
sleep at 11.
Hope to sleep tommorow at 9.30. Not later than that. I need a good nights sleep.

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