Sunday, October 11, 2009


Woke at 5.30am . Didn't drink tea for the first time.went to the grounds at 6.15 .normal workout minus scots. Stomach exercises too had to be cut in half due to lack of time.
4 rounds of running 4 warm ups. 30 pullups. 40 knuckle pushups, 20 palm. 30 + 20 crunches.

I got late for gavel club photo as i had to speak to Dr. Pathirana our project supervisor. It dragged on for over 30 minutes and i got leftout of the official photo. Funny how fate works, i'm the only guy who was with the club from day one, but im not in any official club photo not even in the final photo :( .

Whatever the prep talk i got from Dr.Pathirana reallyput me in high spirits.

Met lokuthatha who had come to pick my cousin from the tennis tournament. She represented University of colombo, seems that our girls were beaten by them, what a shame!

Went to vimukthis hostel room to checkout their robo for the robogames, sadly they are running out of time :) . learnt a lot after staying at their romm for 3 hours.
came home at 7.15pm . sleep ta 11.30pm

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