Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2

Woke up at 6. But slept lightly so a bit sleepy. Went to the uni grnds in the morning for the first time.

  • Did yantsu kata a few times
  • Taiko 1 and 3
  • sokigu taiko 1 2 3
for warm ups as i didnt have my tennis shoes to run. But still the warm up was not enough felt a bit stiff.

After that did stretching.

Power training
  • Pull ups (at the pull ups bar) 10*2
  • pull ups for lats 3
  • pull ups wide grip 3
  • pull ups narrow grip 3
Wrists are still not strong enough so a feeling like electricity passed when i tried to forcefully do it. Therefore stopped that.

  • Knuckle pushups 30
  • Knuckle pushups 20
  • palm pushups 10
  • Crunches with leg raised crossed and retracted 50
  • leg raises 30
just as i finished it, it started raining cats and dogs had to go to a shade and then did
  • 110 full scots
Had a tea at L block canteen and went to hostel room at 8.00am . Had white rice for my breakfast from the hostel canteen. had a bodywash. Went to uni at 9.30am . Did SLAM and spoke to sir. he gave answer to the problem and gave us lots of tutes to read. Dr. Chandima Pathirana simply Rockz! We have now reapproached the correct track .
Spoke to Anura Sir as well, seems that we have been saved from some trouble by sir. Thank you sir.
Came home at 5.15pm.

Parents had got a new maid today. So my life will be much easier. Dad had brought the much awaited mattress.

I uploaded all vids and photos i took yesterday. It amounted to a quite a lot of material.

Hope to go to uni 2morrow.

Sleeping at 10.10pm.


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