Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy as a bee

Woke up at 5.20am. came to uni at 7.30am . Insulation coordination lecture from 8-10. Need to be better prepared , or else its gonna be a slow death of interest. Came to hostel at 10. I felt sleepy through out the morning, so made my self a very very strong tea. (from the extra special tea i have with me). It was bitter. The results were amazing. I was totally up and my energy levels increased by a mile.came to uni at 11.30. Missed 5mts of Dr. Harshas Independent study lecture. I have 2 topics in my mind.

1)Economic effects of net metering on the country, a macro scale research on the economics

2)Approximate calculation of a unit cost (electricity) with respect to different sources and generation methods. economic analysis will include the investment and time value of money

went to library and revised power electronics and high voltage engineering notes.

1-3 operational research was fun.3-5 power electronics lecture became a bit monotonous.Sir went through a lot of theory very fast without us feeling, so high risk of us being left behind. Need to revise notes frequently.
Went to gavel club meeting Did a speech on "Is marriage an obsolete concept?" Gavel club educational meeting ended at 8. at 9.15 i pasted the gavel club speech contest posters in the university premises. went to hostel and revised work done today. sleep at 11.30pm. kanishka is today at the uni hostel room with me.

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Spunta said...

What sort of tea is it?