Friday, September 18, 2009

The best lecturers that an undergraduate could wish for

Woke up at 6am. Didn't go for a workout but my thighs are a bit better now. can bend till 90 degrees. Went to uni at 8.00 .

First lecture was Power system protection. The lecturer Eng. Jayasiri wijayanayake is a retired protection engineerof CEb . He is very knowledgeable as well as passionate about the subject. We are very fortunate to get such a competant as our lecturer.

At 10.00  We had engineering economics. Mr.Makalanda who is a top lecturer from the MOT deoartment (a graduate from our electrical department) is doing it. He is a very competant lecturer too. Therefore decided to to take the engineering economics module as well.
At 12 went to library.

At 1 went to the Power systems analysis lecture . It was done by Eng. Anura Wijapala. He too is a superb lecturer very passionate about the power engineering. Though lecture was interesting i felt sleepy at the middle. That is very irritating. Need to think of something to overcome that problem.
At 3 went to the Operational Research lecture. It was good and i didn't feel sleepy at all. Funny how much sleepy i was at 2pm.

Came to hostel, had a wash and went to university library. Borrowed high voltage engineering book of professor Lucas and a Linear programming book. Studied the linear programming theory.

At 6.00 went to watch the drama competition for the super super juniors. Their dramas had no creativity what so ever and were very gross due to the way sexuality was depicted to induce humour. As girls were their it was a complete disaster.

At 7.00 went to computer lab and checked mail.
Had dinner and came back to hostel. I will revise what we did today before sleeping. Time is 9.00pm

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