Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy as a bee

Woke up at 5.20am. came to uni at 7.30am . Insulation coordination lecture from 8-10. Need to be better prepared , or else its gonna be a slow death of interest. Came to hostel at 10. I felt sleepy through out the morning, so made my self a very very strong tea. (from the extra special tea i have with me). It was bitter. The results were amazing. I was totally up and my energy levels increased by a mile.came to uni at 11.30. Missed 5mts of Dr. Harshas Independent study lecture. I have 2 topics in my mind.

1)Economic effects of net metering on the country, a macro scale research on the economics

2)Approximate calculation of a unit cost (electricity) with respect to different sources and generation methods. economic analysis will include the investment and time value of money

went to library and revised power electronics and high voltage engineering notes.

1-3 operational research was fun.3-5 power electronics lecture became a bit monotonous.Sir went through a lot of theory very fast without us feeling, so high risk of us being left behind. Need to revise notes frequently.
Went to gavel club meeting Did a speech on "Is marriage an obsolete concept?" Gavel club educational meeting ended at 8. at 9.15 i pasted the gavel club speech contest posters in the university premises. went to hostel and revised work done today. sleep at 11.30pm. kanishka is today at the uni hostel room with me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

waste not want not

Woke up at 5.20 . Seems a good time to wake up. Went for a workout with sahan to the grounds.

The power electronic lecture had been cancelled. I came home. Today was another unproductive day coz cancelled lecture implies rate of workload increase will be higher in the time to come.

Came home and had a nice restful nap. Watched the match. Found out the live stream at Ustream to watch the match online

Srilanka Vs England Champions trophy 2009 live streaming

Ustream rockz. To watch this u need to make a free account in ustream first.

Free Videos by Ustream.TV

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Humiliation is the mother of determination

Blog for 23/09/2009

Woke at 6.00am. It rained so couldn't go to the ground. Did 90 knuckle pushups at the room. No lectures today.
Today was one of the worse days of my life. Had to go to Professor Lucas to sign the repeat form for EN353 electromagnetics. I got a C- and hope to improve it to a C. This is a black mark in my otherwise sound undergraduate studies. I completed the repeat registration and partially completed the annual registartion (for final year). Seems that i have a small toothache. This week end i will go to a dentist clean my teeth and fix all problems. Finished studying per unit system, but need to do some examples in orderv to complete my understanding. Schooled some super juniors on how to select subjects. came to hostel at 8 and did some econ sums. Sleeping at 10.00pm

Monday, September 21, 2009

The day comes to an end

Woke up at 7.30 . Downloaded UFC 103. Read the papers and some magazines.
Went to the BMICH international book fair at 11.

It was extremely crowded but the environment was great. Bought books for my friend milinda and past papers for my sister.

came home at 3.30pm.

Had a small nap. Finalized arrangements for the ADSL connection. Watched UFC 103. It was awesome. But the main cards were pretty dull and boring. what a mess Dana.

Knocked my right knee knocked on the stairs. Now both my knees are out of order. It is very painful and swollen. I need to be more careful.

Sleep at 11.00

Sunday, September 20, 2009

To be or not to be

woke up at 5.45am. Went to play football with my chums at 6.30am. My left knee still hurt . So couldnt give 100% .
Lost the first match but won the second.

Came home at 9.00
Browsed the internet and had a small nap.
Taught sister and her 2 friends frm 1-3.

Went to the lib at 4. Went to watch the amateur full contact karate tournament at 4.15.
It was a great experience and simply awesome to say the least . I was inspired to do my best,

Came home at 8.30.
sleep at 10.30

Inter dojo kyokushin karate amateur tournament

Oh! what an evening! It was a dream come true for a fight fan like me.

15th amateur full contact kyokushin karate tournament.

2 knock outs with head kicks and both knocked out cold! one didn't wake up for more than 5 minutes and had to be carried away!

several thigh KOs, solar and rib KOs' oh my!

The fight spirit shown by the fighters were unbelievable, as there were no weight classes or belt classes (no black belts fought) i saw fights between orange belters and brown. 50Kg weight guyz with 80Kg weight guyz!

guyz tall 7 feet with 5 feet guyz. Big difference in reach.

But ultimately what mattered was the heart. Some though bigger and more experienced lost their heart and thus their fights!

Some gave everything they had and fought with everything and endured what no mortal man will ever wish to endure and became winners.

Unbelievable how the spirit of a man drives him through pain and blood to victory!

One guy was knocked down by a big full blooded blow to the face and he still fought on! A real lion.
Is that sort of perseverance and courage humanely possible for us to achieve?
I will find the answer to that question in the years to come as a kyokushin karateka!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The difference between karate and any other sport

I was having this debate with my sister (who got her kyokushin black belt at 14) about the best sport to practice.

She was saying that a sport like Tennis will be better as their will be no wounds or bodily harm. So due to that safety factor,Tennis is better.

Here is my view.

Karate is not a sport (so no sense in comparing with any sport), it is a way of life, a vision , a philosophy.
"We will train our hearts and bodies for a firm unshaken spirit"
Any martial art demands the highest cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and mental strength. But due to the moral and ethics in karate it becomes a way of life too. Unlike western martial arts like boxing and wrestling their is an inbuilt code of highest ethical values in karate. (specially kyokushin)

When you are fighting their is no quitting because unlike sports like tennis it is do or die. (in a real world situation). If you are weak or make a mistake u will be replied with lots of mind numbing pain. So the passionate martial artist will train for that situation. Their will be no compromise. But in any other sport , take tennis for an example, mishitting a ball will have no repercussion other than loosing a point. But if you do so in martial arts the opponent will capitalize and give you a hell of a time, getting knocked out , be used as a punching bag or submitted is a very painful business. No other sport has that sort of repercussions.

Therefore the martial artist will always strive to increase all his capabilities and will be driven because of the pain he knows awaits him if he does not do so.

The other factor is the mental strength component. Fighting is not just a battle of strength and skill. There is the mental aspect as well. Through martial arts we will be growing mentally as well. Unlike other sports the spirit plays a major role in karate. This will help to increase our personality and self confidence. Though other sports also do so, the rate of increase in karate is much much faster than any other sport that comes to my mind.

Yes we will get hurt in karate, but that will be the driving force in building an person, driven to improve continuously in every aspect of life.

As you get to understand that there is no worse pain than what you have experienced, your self confidence and personality will increase in leaps and bounds.

The ethical values in karate will be thus integrated to the self in sweat and blood thus leaving an unchanging impression on the character and life of the person.

All these things can only be achieved by martial arts , which as the name implies is not just a sport but is a art ,"A way of life".


Never say die

Today woke up at 6.45. No workout. Seems my left knee is damaged and will take more time to heal. Today too my efficiency was low. Read the IEEE spectrum magazine but couldn't study electrical power systems as i planned. Searched for motors and sensors till 2pm. Need to start work on a proposal to get the money for our project.

Had a nap at 3. woke up at 4.30pm and eat my sisters Bday cake. Went for karate at 5.30 .

Good workout but my left leg is still useless.

Came home at 8.00 and sleep at 11.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Efficiency drop implies need to be more disciplined

Today was a rare day in the snese that my efficiency dropped a bit.
Woke at 6 and went to the grounds. Did the pull up and push up workout.

Went to uni at 9.00am. The Power electronic lecture from 10-12 was done by Dr. Pathirana and it was good.

Went to lib. met Mr. Upeka. Went to UGS division. Read book on power electronics. borrowed power systems book to revise.
came home at 3.00pm.
Had a nice nap. Updated and uploaded all sites.sleep at 11.00pm

The far off stars will forever shine

Woke up at 5.55pm. Went to the grounds and did 33 pullups and 60 knuckle dips. 50 crunches .

Went to the lecture at 8.05am. Dr. Hemapala who did electrical installations in the morning was very enthusiastic seems that electrical installations module will become hot in the days to come. All the lecturers i met for this semester are simply incredible. What lucky buggers that we are to be blessed with such a set of superb lecturers.

From 10 to 4 worked on the final year project. Decided to try for a sponsorship of Rs 50,000/= . 20,000 for motors 15000 for sensors 10000 communication unit 4000 PCB 1000 test environment .

searched more encoders and motors to be used in project. Went to texas site and ordered some samples. Did the gavel club  speak olympiad registration. Went to the University Of Moratuwa toastmasters installation ceremony. It was great. Dr. Ranga Rodrigo was the incoming president while the outgoing president was Mrs. Vishaka Nanayakkara. It was a great experience. We heard speeches from Vice chancellor of our uni Prof. Malik Ranasinghe, dean engineering Prof. Ananda Jayawardena. Afterwards we were invited for dinner. They called it a light supper but it was actually a full meal and i really enjoyed it as i am being closed to starved at the hostel. We were able to get the ear of the dean, vc as well as the head of the cse department. Great for the club. We have also got a 150,000 sponsorship from codegen for SO4 simply awesome.
 came from the meeting at 9.15pm. sleep at 11.00pm.

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Let defeat be the beginning of the sweetest victory

Woke up at 5.30am. Went to the Grounds at 6.25am. Did a total of 42 pull ups in the bar. Did 20 knuckle dips. Still thighs are paining.
The lecture from 8-9 was cancelled. So started work on the final year project part 1 - sonar sensor . pretty good experience. First the cable had got internal short. Got a good oscilloscope and tested the output from the PIC. It was working. Then tested the output from the sonar sensor. We did not get the expected output. Did the testing till 4pm (lunch break from 12 to 1(here i helped namal with the gavel registrations for speak olympiad 4)) . Then sent another mail to devantech support asking for help. As the circuit diagram is given the best thing to do would be to study it(given i don't get a reply) and check that circuit itself.
Came to hostel and revised what was learnt so far this week. sleep at 9.00pm

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
and nothing else matters

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The best lecturers that an undergraduate could wish for

Woke up at 6am. Didn't go for a workout but my thighs are a bit better now. can bend till 90 degrees. Went to uni at 8.00 .

First lecture was Power system protection. The lecturer Eng. Jayasiri wijayanayake is a retired protection engineerof CEb . He is very knowledgeable as well as passionate about the subject. We are very fortunate to get such a competant as our lecturer.

At 10.00  We had engineering economics. Mr.Makalanda who is a top lecturer from the MOT deoartment (a graduate from our electrical department) is doing it. He is a very competant lecturer too. Therefore decided to to take the engineering economics module as well.
At 12 went to library.

At 1 went to the Power systems analysis lecture . It was done by Eng. Anura Wijapala. He too is a superb lecturer very passionate about the power engineering. Though lecture was interesting i felt sleepy at the middle. That is very irritating. Need to think of something to overcome that problem.
At 3 went to the Operational Research lecture. It was good and i didn't feel sleepy at all. Funny how much sleepy i was at 2pm.

Came to hostel, had a wash and went to university library. Borrowed high voltage engineering book of professor Lucas and a Linear programming book. Studied the linear programming theory.

At 6.00 went to watch the drama competition for the super super juniors. Their dramas had no creativity what so ever and were very gross due to the way sexuality was depicted to induce humour. As girls were their it was a complete disaster.

At 7.00 went to computer lab and checked mail.
Had dinner and came back to hostel. I will revise what we did today before sleeping. Time is 9.00pm

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The first day of the final year academic semester

I had bandaged my wounded thigh. So the pain in right thigh was considerably less. Woke up at 5.55am . Made and had tea. Went to the grounds at 6.30am . As i can't use my legs did a workout at the bar. Did 35 pull ups and lots of swings and passing from one end to another.
Had a full plate of red rice at the L canteen. Went to uni a 8.00am. Professor Lucas lectured on EE402 (high voltage engineering Part 1) it was simply awesome sitting their and listening to the lecture of this great academic. He gave us an introduction and overview of the subject.

At 10.00 Dr. Harsha came and did electrical drives and applications (EE 4250) . As Dr. Harsha is teaching this for the first time,Though subject is good risky subject, so decided to skip it.

Went for Operational research (OR) lecture it was fun. Decided to take it.

Went and met seniors and asked for their advice on what subjects to do this semester.

Decided on it.i will do 2 management subjects and all electrical subjects with the exception of drives. Seems that lots of errors are prevalent in moodle. Need to go  and talk about that.

Sir said for everyone to unenroll from the synchronous machines subject.

Went to hostel had a wash and came back at 6.00 for gavel meeting. Todays meeting was pretty boring. It was not organized properly. I was the timer but 4got to get prepared for it. So screwed it a bit. Not big time though. But as i had to get some video clips to put 2 da blog 4got to time Niles Ice breaker. Sorry Bro ! .

Went to the Speak Olympiad organizing commitee meeting that was held afterwards. Harry gave a choclate treat for his win at the NUS CIMA GBC. Decided to give out registration forms at the goda canteen on wednesday.
came to hostel at 9.00pm.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The begginnig of the end

Today was the last day of a glorious vacation of 11 months. 6 months were training and 2months for the june term rest was official holidays.

It was fun and i learnt a lot in this period. I have grown wiser. I can now call myself a man. Worked hard on my karate with about 4 days practices per each week. Started a good thing going with taekwondo. I am in the best of my physical fitness than i ever have been.

I have sharpened my goals and made specific goals from my previous not so clear goals. Family is at its best. mom got a servant after a long wait. So no need to worry about them. Will help sister in the coming year on saturdays. Got the final year project running nicely. Now i am settled at the hostel comfortably.

Hope to give this year everything i have for this final year. Need to know what my extremes and what stuff i am made of. Time to decide if i am who i beleived i was or just another nerd with no impact on the world. I hope to keep my mark on the world as an academic and a martial artist.

Today i woke up at 6.45am . No workout as my thighs are damaged (swollen)and i can't even walk properly. Checked mail watched kyokushin and k1 wgp 2009 videos. Taught sister and her friend electricity from 7 to 9am . Got my cloths and stuff ready to be taken to the hostel. Helped sarada bappa to configure his dial up prepaid connection in his laptop.
Had my luch at 2.00pm .
Had a chat with my parents and dad.
Left home at 8pm with parents and sister to go to the hostel to keep my things. On the way went to arpico and bought a pail and books. This time on i will take it serious and show the stuff that im made of.

Came to uni at 9.00pm. Cleared the stuff . Going to sleep at 11.30pm

Brazilian kyokushin

From http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Sideline/8510/shihan_isobe.html

Shihan Seiji Isobe:

Blitz: Please tell us about your history in Karate
SI: I originally started training in Shotokan, this was in the early 1960's. I was very happy at first but started having doubts about the practicality of the style. I wanted to complete what I had started so I vowed to stay until I earned my Shodan. In the old days there was no colored belt system, it went white, brown and black. They didn't have a grading system, it would just be decided whether you should be a brown belt or black belt. One day our instructor trained with Kyokushin karatekas and he returned with his face looking like it had been put through a mincer (in those days Kyokushin still had face punches). This increased our doubts in the style but one incident really sticks in my mind. In Japan we would go cherry blossom viewing and it was so nice there that the instructor started to do a kata. The crowd thought he was being a show off and turned on our instructor - "Hey, look at this guy," and then they all bashed him. We were brown belts and he was the Shihandai, he said that the Karate didn't work and we then began to have doubts as well.
I was waiting for the day when he would say you're a black belt. One day the instructor said, "you're good enough to put on a black belt" I then left straight away.

Blitz: How did you continue training?
SI: I continued my own training for several months together with a friend of mine. By this time there was a large group of 50 that had formed looking for a true Budo karate. As a group we decided to contact Mas Oyama and we wrote him a letter expressing our interest.

Blitz - What was his response?
SI: We got a reply back from our letter to Sosai to send an instructor, but we would need to pay for his travel, food and accommodation for about 10 days. The accommodation was very expensive back in 1967. So we decided that a few of us could go to the Honbu for the same price of having an instructor come to us. I am quite sure that 1967 was the year as Sosai wanted to go to Hokado to fight the bear.
Three of us went to Tokyo, Takehashi, another man and myself, we went to the Tokyo Honbu and met Sosai. We were only there for three days and we wanted the chance to train, but instead we just watched for three days and then returned home. When we went home we tried to recall what we had watched for these days and train in the same way.

Blitz - When did you eventually get to train at Honbu?
SI: In 1968 we went again to Tokyo and eventually we established our branch. We made an arrangement to open a Kyokushin branch and this was the first time we were able to train at Honbu. While training I broke my finger really badly, I had a compound fracture. We didn't have low kicks in Shotokan. When I blocked the next kick I had to close my fist again, but my finger was sticking out and I couldn't watch to see that my finger was o.k, when I opened my fist and looked at the finger instead of sticking out it was bent in another direction. I could now see the sinew and bone so I grabbed the finger and put it back in myself. They put the bone back in and stitched it up at the hospital across the road from Honbu. I immediately returned to training. We put a splint on it and wrapped it up and that is how I trained for the next three days at Honbu. I traveled back and forth from Fukui to Tokyo many times that year.

Blitz: I believe that you were also Sosai's driver?
SI: I fought in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd All Japan Tournaments. I was an Uchi Deshi at Honbu for 3 months when I fought in the 2nd All Japan in 1970. The guy who used to do the driving there shot through during the middle of the night. While we were training one morning, Sosai said " has anyone here got a drivers license?" and three of us put our hands up, Kanemaru, someone else and me. He asked Kanemaru what license he had and Kanemaru answered that he could drive a dump truck, he asked the second guy and he replied that he had a license but had never driven before. So then he asked me and I answered that I had driven a lot but only in the country, I wasn't sure about driving in Tokyo. He said "no problem, done!"
It was a German car, left hand drive and I was driving around in Tokyo. The first time I drove I had to go around this sharp left hand corner and everyone used to do a 3-point turn because the road was so narrow. I luckily and scooted around in one shot and Sosai said,
"Hey you're a really good driver, you can do my driving for me."

Blitz: It's a long way from driving Sosai to teaching in Brazil !
SI: I was his driver for a year and eight months, I had planned on getting my 2nd Dan and going back to Fukui. Sosai said to Shihan Secorda, that instead of going back to Fukui he would like me to go overseas. He sent one instructor to New York and one to Taiwan
For 6 months, I was supposed to exchange with this instructor and go to Taiwan, this did not end up eventuating.
I was then meant to go to Australia but just as I was preparing to leave my plans were changed once more and I was sent to Brazil. Sosai called me and said " have you ever heard of Brazil?" I hardly knew anything about the place except that it was in the Southern Hemisphere, I had heard of Rio and Sao Paolo. Sosai said you will go to Brazil for one year to teach and I said OSU as this was all I could say. That was 30 years ago and I am still there. Brazil is now my home.

Blitz: When you arrived in Sao Paolo, how many Kyokushin students were there?
SI: There were already 100 students training.

Blitz: And now you have 100 branchs??
SI: Now we have branches in 6 countries. There are over 100 branches and 5000 students under my control in South America.

Blitz: Whilst in Brazil you developed not only the organisation but also a style of Kyokushin basics that is now referred to as "Brazilian Kyokushin". Please tell us how this developed.
SI: Most people in Japan know about Karate-do and they have this way of thinking that it is different. You tell them they have to do it a million times over and over, just keep going through the basics, if there are 20 people in the class you go through every movement 20 times, over and over. With Japanese students you can get away with doing this because Japanese don't question the importance of it, they understand that it has to be done. So you don't worry in Japan about having to do something different and new.
You've got the white, blue, yellow, green, brown and black belts all doing the same thing and they are not learning anything new. There is no need to grade if everyone is doing the same thing. When I was first in Japan training, I started to think of things that different colour belts would do to grade. I then put different combinations together to form what you have now called "Brazilian Kyokushin". It is only basics that are combined differently to what you are traditionally used to.

Blitz: How did you help Kyokushin to grow in Brazil?
SI: In Brazil all the many styles had instructors there, as Brazil has the largest population of Japanese outside Japan. No one had ever heard of Kyokushin, so that is why I went. When I first arrived I used to smash rocks and ice with my bare hands. When other styles students watched me they would go to their instructors and say " we saw this guy and he can smash rocks and ice with his bare hands." The instructors of these students would say not to believe what they saw as they believed I had smashed the rocks with a hammer and then glued it together, and that the ice crushing was an old trick from Japan to allow the ice to melt a bit before smashing it. I was then asked to break some ice on 60 minutes that was shown as a live television show in South America. I wanted to do a big break so asked them to prepare 7 blocks of ice that I would smash with one shuto. One the way to the studio I was informed that three of the blocks had broken so I declared that I would smash them with my head. When I arrived at the studio I was shocked to see that the blocks were twice the usual size. Still I would not go back on my word and decided that either my neck or the ice would break. With cameras rolling I leaped forward and broke the ice. My ears were ringing and I was dizzy but the ice was smashed. I was pleased but when Sosai saw the tape he told me never to do that again. I was glad.

Blitz: I am sure a lot of people would like to hear about Francesco Fihlo and his training.
SI: Leading up to his 100 man kumite, everyone heard stories about Filho's 50 man kumite that he did each week for six months as preperation for the 100 man kumite. A lot of media came to Brazil from Japan and wanted to know how I train strong champions. The one thing that Brazilians have that the Japanese don't is power. They are not technically as good as the Japanese, technique is only partially physical the rest is spiritual. No one has fighting spirit like the Japanese, so they really need to work on their power.
When Filho was 20 he knocked out Andy Hug in the world tournament. Filho also has that fighting spirit which is usually only reserved for the Japanese, he was 92Kgs, 190cm tall. In Judo they say if you do not have a big bum you can't project the power that is needed. Filho had a big bum and I knew he had the potential for power, so we worked on tube training (special rubber restraints to develop power and strength), and a big sandbag. The bag weighed 80Kgs and when Filho hit it, it looked like a toy so we had to get him a 120Kg bag and that's how he developed his power.
Prior to the next world tournament that came up, the Japanese All Japan Champion, Tamura came to Brazil but he could hardly touch the bag, it was then that I realized that the training I was doing with the students was working well. We had the mini world tournament and 14 nations came to fight, Filho won and again I realized that our training was working really well and I hoped he would be able to win the 1995 World Championship.

Blitz: But you must have been excited when Filho won his first K1 fight.
SI: It was a very serious time for me. I asked Kancho Matsui to allow Filho to participate in the K1 as I thought that he would do Kyokushin proud. I was shocked when I found out that Andy Hug was to be his first opponent. With so much experience in the ring I was not so sure that Chico (Filho's nickname) could defeat him in his first K1 event. I was so nervous before the fight and felt so accountable that if Filho lost I would leave Kyokushin forever out of shame for my student losing. This was Kyokushins first entrant into the K1 and as it was my suggestion only I could be accountable. I was so excited when Filho won as this was a victory for Kyokushin. I remember being in the corner and having to keep looking left and right of the corner post to keep up with the movements inside the ring. One time I moved right and only saw Chico standing and wondered where did Andy go??? He was on the floor unconscious - and I could now remain in Kyokushin and be proud that me student had done well.

Blitz: A new direction for Kyokushin has begun here in Melbourne with the One Match Challenge, will this type of competition become a bigger part of Kyokushin?
SI: The "One Match" competition is important, as often there is a long time between big tournaments and these new type of events give fighters the chance to become stronger. The One Match tournament allows fighters the opportunity to fight someone they want to fight in advance of the larger tournaments, as not everyone will necessarily be selected to fight in the large tournaments. I believe that as time goes by the One-Match tournaments will become more and more popular.

Blitz: In your opinion is there a secret to Karate?
SI: There is no secret in Karate, you just need to train and train and train and disregard your self. Some people train hard with the incentive being to make money and or develop a reputation. These types of people want everything, nice clothes, nice belongings, houses and cars and this is when life becomes complicated and difficult. You have to keep sight of what Karate is about.
When I left Sosai at the Haneda (old International airport in Japan) his parting words to me were, " I want you to go with the attitude that you are dying, because if you live this way you will understand the meaning of OSU."

Blitz: Thank you Shihan Isobe for sharing all of this with us and we will look forward to seeing you back in Australia.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kyokushin karate my fight with a champion

Went for karate at 5.00pm.

Today first normal kihon. Then ippon kumite.

At the end shihan put me to fight with pasindu who represented srilanka for the world tournament in 2007. He is one sob with no mercy. All 3 fighters before me were KO d by him in less than a minute. I was able to survive . But fell down once. He screwed my thighs. But i survived his onslaught so i am happy. now i am confident. I will come back stronger. My thighs are paining like hell. Swollen and cant even walk. I need to do lots of weights for thighs.

Then again pasindu is a champion sensei and experienced fighter. He weighs 8oKgs while i weigh only 50kg. Apart from that he is a professional fighter while i do it only for fun. So guess he will definitely have a big advantage wrt all components.

I promise i will give the same to him X10 when my time comes and i go to my prime. Till then im gonna do weights for legs and practice as if there is no tommorow.

Got to a bus with great difficulty and came home at 8pm from dojo.


if u try hard enough u will succeed

woke up at 6.00am. went for a jog at 6.00am. Ran 5 rounds. Did bar pull ups normal 10, 5 for lats. still wrist giving problems. had breakfast from l canteen. came back at 7.45. Studied electricity fundamentals till 12.00 noon.

Got tea from Mr Stambo and had a nice chat with him. Went to mister mint and cut a duplicate key for hostel.

Came home at 3. had a bath and checked mail.
Went for karate at 5.00pm.

Today first normal kihon. Then ippon kumite.

At the end shihan put me to fight with pasindu who represented srilanka for the world tournament in 2007. He is one sob with no mercy. All 3 fighters before me were KO d by him in less than a minute. I was able to survive . But fell down once. He screwed my thighs. But i survived his onslaught so i am happy. now i am strong. My thighs are paining like hell. Swollen and cant even walk. I need to do lots of weights for thighs.

I promise i will give the same to him X10 when my time comes and i go to my prime. Till ten im gonna do weights for legs and practice as if there is no tommorow.

Got to a bus with great difficulty and came home at 8pm from dojo.

Going to sleep at 10.30pm

Discipline is the path to success

woke up at 7.00pm
slept on the top bed of the bunk. Decided that down is better.
Today was the rest day for me for this week.Had an upset stomach.
went to uni at 9.45am.
Tested the sonar sensor srf04 . It didnt work. Tested the PIC trig pin. Used the oscillascope , multimeter,PSU from the power systems lab.nWent to the electronics department workdhop and tried out the sensor there. Still no success. Met Dr. Pathirana. Finished project work for the day at 4.00pm . Taekwondo has been cancelled till next wednesday.
Went to hostel , had a wash and came back at 5.30pm. Decided to contribut 8hours per week for final year project work. Went to Computer lab got the time table for level 4 semester 1. googled some subjects to get an idea about them. went to sleep at 10.00pm.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Reach the sky

As i am at hostel, i dont have internet at night. so i am filling the blog the next day. today 10/09/2009

Today i woke up at 6.00am . Slept better. Went for taekwondo practices at 6.05am . But practice had been cancelled. So Ran with chandana of CSE for a cardio workout. Did Pullups at the 7 feet bar. Then dips ,130 scots , stretching and full body exercises.

For braekfast had a full plate of red rice and another extra serving as well.
The star event of the day was loosing my hostel key. Went to the uni againg, asked for help from the hostel office. They asked me to wait 1 hour. so i had to wait in cloths drenched with sweat for two hours. Got the room opened at 9.30am.

Project work
sanaths PIC programmer didnt work
so we had to debuf the system. ultimately found the problem to be a loose connection in the serial cable.
Did a test for the demo board. ccs failed to give results. changed the IDE to mikro C. Sanath went home at 2.15 to bring a power pack as he had forgotten to bring it. at 3 went to the IEEE sb branch meeting bywith Dr. kumarawadu. Only me and the chair were present. Discussed about what we can do to help the ERU symposium to be held on november 6th. then fiddled with the sonar sensor. left for hostel at 6.00pm.

After having dinner went with sanath to isurus room and tested the sonar sensor til 10.15pm. partial success. Sent udana the questionnaire to be asked from Prof. Perera director general of PUCSL.

sleep at 11.00pm.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Think i should give it a try IEEE Xtreme

Think you can code? Prove it to the world on 24 October 2009.

Registration is now open for IEEEXtreme, the global 24-hour online programming competition. Grab your friends and start forming your teams of three today. Register early and receive an official IEEEXtreme t-shirt.

Early registration t-shirt special ends 1 October 2009.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2

Woke up at 6. But slept lightly so a bit sleepy. Went to the uni grnds in the morning for the first time.

  • Did yantsu kata a few times
  • Taiko 1 and 3
  • sokigu taiko 1 2 3
for warm ups as i didnt have my tennis shoes to run. But still the warm up was not enough felt a bit stiff.

After that did stretching.

Power training
  • Pull ups (at the pull ups bar) 10*2
  • pull ups for lats 3
  • pull ups wide grip 3
  • pull ups narrow grip 3
Wrists are still not strong enough so a feeling like electricity passed when i tried to forcefully do it. Therefore stopped that.

  • Knuckle pushups 30
  • Knuckle pushups 20
  • palm pushups 10
  • Crunches with leg raised crossed and retracted 50
  • leg raises 30
just as i finished it, it started raining cats and dogs had to go to a shade and then did
  • 110 full scots
Had a tea at L block canteen and went to hostel room at 8.00am . Had white rice for my breakfast from the hostel canteen. had a bodywash. Went to uni at 9.30am . Did SLAM and spoke to sir. he gave answer to the problem and gave us lots of tutes to read. Dr. Chandima Pathirana simply Rockz! We have now reapproached the correct track .
Spoke to Anura Sir as well, seems that we have been saved from some trouble by sir. Thank you sir.
Came home at 5.15pm.

Parents had got a new maid today. So my life will be much easier. Dad had brought the much awaited mattress.

I uploaded all vids and photos i took yesterday. It amounted to a quite a lot of material.

Hope to go to uni 2morrow.

Sleeping at 10.10pm.


Monday, September 7, 2009

A new chapter of my life

Today will be the first day of my life in the university hostel.


Woke up at 6.00pm. Didn't go for a workout as my tennis shoes were sogged as it got caught in the rain. I had a bath and got my things ready to get boarded at the university hostel.
Infact today is going to be the most imporatant day of my life as i am going to turn a new leaf in my life.

Left home at 9.30 and was at uni at 10.30. Dabbled with SLAM work till 1.00pm. Had my lunch with alaya.
Then i went to ENTC dep. to get the hostel room key from kanishka. I roamed around till 2.30 to get it. Then i went to the hostel room , cleaned it and made it a habitable place. Hostel Block 4 is simply awesome.
I had a bath and went to uni again at 3.00pm
We went to meet Dr. Pathirana, to discuss a problem we faced when implementing SLAM for one landmark only situation. He promised to give us an answer tommorow. At 3.30pm i went out and bought some chocs to give as a present for the best table topics speaker. I then went to the library and planned for the meeting. At 4.30 i went to the taekwondo demo done by korean olympian taekwondo specialist at our new gymnasium . I have no words to describe the demo it was incredible or should i say unbeleivable. Just check out the vids.Truly stunning display of leg techniques. As the demo finished early i went to the gavel meeting at 5.45pm. My table topics session went well. Infact my preparation payed great dividends.
The table topics speaker was choosen by votes and the winner was chathuranga a new L1 member. runner up ajanthan and 3rd place Himal (L1) .
Come to know at the meeting after the educational session that I have been appointed to organize the registrations with namal. Got my dinner from goda at 8.00pm and was at hostel at 8.45pm. Had a nice body wash. Wrote my blog at 8.50 . Then played carrom with friends till 10.50pm.

went to sleep at 11.00pm .

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The war starts

 Woke up at 7.30am . Did not go for a work out in the morning. Read the papers till 9.00am . Cleaned my floor washed all the cloths and the toilet. Had a nice bath. Added Some MMA people for friends in facebook and became fans of all weight class champs.

Finalized the topics for table topics session. Need to call hasala (rambo) to ask if he can get a video recorder to record the taekwondo event tommorow.

At 4pm went to arpico with dad to buy a new mattress. seems stocks are over for the upteenth time. Bought the things needed to be boarded at the hostel tomorrow.

Came home and went to the park at 6 pm.


1. Warm up hard running- 15mts

2. Hard streching including side to side bending and hamstring stretching

3. knee and bending hip joint stretching

just after i completed this it started raining cats and dogs. Got drenched. Went to the pavilion.

Did push ups all knuckle pushups done on the cement floor
  • 30 *2 sets
  • 20
  • 10*3 sets
All 110 knuckle push ups.

Came home.

  • 50*2 crunches
  • 30 crunches with legs retracted and raised
  • 30*2 leg raises
finished with
  • 110 full scots
Immediately after the workout had a bath. 2 in a day. enrolled in the lms - moodle for the final year project. I am the First to do so. Will plan the table topics session before sleeping . sleeping at 10pm.


Table topics

These are the topics i hope to put up for the gavel club educational session on monday. I will be the table topics master.

1.How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see (serious)

2.Why fair play doesn't work

3.linux or windows the better ös ...(technical)

4. If the rabbit was to race the turtle again....(fantasy)

5. Swept by the winds of change or be the hurricane which sweeps the world?

6. If a woman wears short skirts it is okay for men to look at what she is showing ...

7.Men are becoming the majority in universities, because they are smarter

8.Heal the world make it a better place(serious)

9.Be yourself

10.Don't Eat fast food

11.Everyone should take a self defense class

www.gavel.tk / www.gavelblog.tk

Scribefire makes blogging a whiz

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vision Mission of the EEsoc society

To be the golden thread that binds the alumni, students and the academia of the department of electrical engineering.

To facilitate the process of knowledge transfer from the  industry to the academia and student and vice versa

To create a receptive environment for the engineers to socialize and interact with each other.

To become the instrument for the academia, engineers and students to fulfill   the obligations to the society

To create a friendly atmosphere where all members can network and build relationships to further the  boundaries of the electrical engineering profession.

To be the mechanism which bonds the academia and industry to create a competent electrical engineer.

To be the force that bonds the the electrical engineers, undergraduates and the academia of University Of Moratuwa to face the dynamic challenges of the electrical engineering profession.

Determination a pillar of success

Woke up at 6.00am .But it was a waste as the weather was rainy and my tennis shoes had gotten sodden from rain yesterday.

So today is the virtual rest day for me. Started working on the Speak Olympiad speech. Decided the Topic to be based on happiness. Downloaded quotes and fun stuff wrt that topic. Did priliminary work on the table topics master role i was given for the monday meeting. Did some surfing to get an idea about how to conduct it. Need to finalize the topics and the Best table topics speech award i hope to present. Need to decide on the present and how to vote.

Was extremely sleepy (coz its rainy and cold) and had a small nap from 12-2pm. Did class for my sister and friend from 3 to 5pm. Went to class at 5.00. took about 30mts to get to class. Big traffic between kohuwala and nugegoda. After getting through, the railway gate closed and it took 10mts for the train to pass. Was at class at 5.50pm. Shihan showed us videos today.The videos were projected to a white screen using a projectors. Pretty rare video featuring the great sosai oyama and kyokushin.I have embedded clips i took.

Came home at 8.00pm. Going to sleep at 10pm. Tommorow is a very busy day need to finish SLAM as well as toastmastering speeches. Need to speak to wijayapala sir regarding repeat field visit registrations and to the undergrad division about repeating electromagnetics. Need to talk to devinda aiyya and pubudu aiyya about final year projects.


Friday, September 4, 2009

A happening day

"nads near BC"

Today woke up at 6 and went to the park for a work out at 6.30.

My workout
1.12mts warm up running

2.stretching normal workout + more forward bending touched the ground with my outstretched hands.

3.all 100 pushups knuckle. But i felt that i had more. So i need to shorten the rest period between the sets.

4.100 full scots

5.30 crunches+ 20 with knees raised+ 2 sets of 30 leg raises

came home at 9.00 . Cut my hair . cut it the army cut. looks nice. Had a bath.

Went home at 1 to the interview at british council for the sithen 2009 program. Went there at 1.50pm . Had a nice time with the guyz. seems that all the gavelians are there. The interviewers asked some abstract questions.(So very deep and had to answer them in a shallow way)

Had doughnuts with aja, nadeesha and chathura. It was good fun. Also met some weird galz from the kelaniya university. Pretty immature more like school galz rather than university ones. Hopefully i will get selected for this and i can manage work on 25th Friday. I hope that the kyokushin tournament wont be postponed to 26th. Met weliya aiyya(dhanushka) from our senior batch at dep EE. He is also in the board.

Came home at 5.30pm. Went to temple with chamara aiyya at 6.00pm. Samith aiyya came too. He is going to india for some official work on saturday. Happy for u aiyya!. Met Sarada thero after a loong time. He gave us pirith thread. Came home at 9.00 pm. Washed dishes as dada was not well. Going to sleep at 10.25pm.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

No pain no gain

Woke up at 7.00am.

Cleaned the Desktop PC. Took a hell of a lot of time. BUT cleaned the rebundant files and got good comprehensive kyokushin tutorial videos to my new flash drive. Now i have one kyokushin tute folder in E: and martial art clips and movies in G:.
Studied the katas and watched some video clips.

Worked on my punching bag for an hour. Worked on combos and turning kicks , flying knees and kicks.

Gave my specs to the optician and tightened its screws.

Went to loku thathas place for dinner. Had a nice chat with my cousin brother who had just completed his Bsc at UCSC. Heard from him about his final year project.

Had a nice chat with Loku thatha as well. Speaking with old and grandly experienced people do really enrich us. Need to do it more.


sleep at 11.30pm

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

comics i came across from stumbleupon, this is really cool

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

To be or not to be

Woke at 8.00am. Didnt go to uni. Finished the whole UFC 102 video.
Randy couture is simply awesome. Dropped nangi at Shakthi at 1.45pm. went to unity plaza and bought a kingston flash drive 8GB for Rs2200/= with 3yrs warranty. Came for and installed portable apps to it. The setup Rockz! . Went to karate kata class at 5.00pm .

Sensei taught us
  1. Pinan sono yon
  2. Pinan sono Go
  3. yantzu
  4. sanchin katas.
I had to pay for not working on my katas. I looked like a fool in the class. Need to learn them, and learn them well.

UFC 102 - 10 Minutes Preview

Went to sleep at 10.45pm.
To be or not to be, the answer my friends lies within u!
1) get the hostel key and find out what is needed to make the place habitable.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't give up the fight

Learned TKD turning back kick. I drank too much water before sleeping. so woke up at 4.15am wih a full bladder. cudnt get much sleep afterwards. So woke up at 7.00am pretty irritated and soggy. Had a bath and went to uni at 9.00am. Studied SLAM (completed tutorial for 1 landmark)

Went for taekwondo practices at 4.00pm. Did a good warm up by my self. My kyokushin training helped me a great deal for taekwondo today. Had some cramps though while streching. need to stretch my calf muscles more. seems to be the weak link. had a cramp on the lats as well. i guess need to be more hydrated when working out.

As we are training with beginners, Caught a stray kick on my shin and its swollen like hell.

Was very busy but i am happy with how the things went today.