Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waste not want not

Got up at 7.30am .No workout in the morning.had a bath. Went to PC park and got the repaired PC back . Need to ask dad to clean their slate at the police station. Was at home by 12.00 . Had my lunch. Watched all the martial art documentaries. Specially the taekwondo one in human weapons. Left home for karate at 5.00pm . Did 10 knuckle push ups, splits and side to side bending before the class started. Shihan took the class today. Today we have a one hour session of kata.
We were asked to take 1kg dumbbell in each hand.

Then we did 1) 15 reps of taiko sono ichi (no rest in between)

rest - usual 2 ibuki , nugare and nugare ura breathing

2) 15 taiko son ni

rest - usual 2 ibuki , nugare and nugare ura breathing

3) 20 reps taiko sono san
No rest
(all these were done with 2, 1kg dumb bells in each hand)
4) 20 cat dips , 30 full squats
then the usual seiza. rei and dojo kun

Shihan says that we need to have a good foundation to build on. So everyone had to do this workout. I feel pretty exhausted but my mind is full. The workout was great. awesome id say. It worked on my cardio balance and footwork. This was one hour which was well spent.

Bought mamas medicine at health guard and returned home at 7.20pm . Had to wash all the dishes as dad was a bit sick. Sis helped me.
Downloaded and showed the ice age 3 film to my sister. She was crying for it , so had no choice.
washed my gi and had a body wash. going to sleep at 10.20 pm.

cntr: 1497
shiha ni rei!


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