Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rest day

today is my rest day.Need to heal my body from the injuries i got yesterday.

Woke up at 8.30am . Read all the books i got down from the library. Went to the boutique and bought vegetables and milk.

Taught my sister and her 2 friends electricity from 1-3pm . Did not study SLAM. no exercise 2day aftr a long time. Gud dat i did not go 2 da ground for a work out because it started raining at 7pm.

Got a reply to my message from mittal pattel. facebook is sometimes an amazing tool. What a surprise that was.

Going to sleep at 10.00pm

this week
  1. buy bumb bell
  2. buy tennis shoes
  3. get the sanddles returned
  4. get the key to hostel room from kanishka
  5. buy a mattress
cntr: 1550

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