Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our destiny lies in our hands

Today woke up at 5.00 , made and drank a delicious cup of juicy tea. yum yum. Tried to get some songs into the phone memory card didnt succeed. So put 5 good song to internal memory. Sony k800i suckz with respect to the memory card.
left home at 6.30 to go to galle.

Got onto a 400 bus and got down from moratuwa. Thought of going by train. Time 7.04 .Got a ticket to galle . 85/= . needed to go to loo. Only womens toilets were working so all people go to that toilet.They are in a Very bad condition.

Train(exspress) scheduled arrival 7.23. Came at7.37. got down from galle at 10.00 . Thought of going by train as i hadnt gone by train to galle in more than 10 yrs. It waz kinda fun and relaxing(unlike journey by bus) . The rocking of the train the environment and ofcourse flirting with all the cute hotties in the same carriage. Had to stand for two hours. And with my thigh hurting after yesterdays kumite it was kinda difficult.

Waz at grandmas place by 10.30 . Had breakfast and had a nice chat with all my relatives. kissed my grandma.
Had some nice debates with my uncles regarding bussiness and renewable enrgy. Gave them the idea to use leftover wood to be burned to create electricity to connect their system with a netmetering system.
The visit was good for relationship building. Id say enhanced my image with my relatives.

started return journey at 3.30 (with my parents in their car, dada drove). went to c dads cousins in ginthota. came home at 7.00 .
Dad drove like there is no tommorow got into a arguement bcoz of dat. Then understood how to dissipate tension by not being carried away and saying a funny thing. Funny how that dissipated the tension. Must use that more frequently say something funny to make the conflicting emotions soften.
Had dinner. sleepy no time for matlab. Going to sleep at 10.30pm .


1.Have to call PC park and finish the PC bussiness
2.Finish SLAM algo (no excuses its do or die)

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