Saturday, August 29, 2009

kyokushin karate fighting techniques kicks

Went to karate at 5.00 .

Today we started by meditating in seiza for 10mts. My ankles were sore. Then fighting techniques. Only did kicks today. The whole two hours from 5.30 - 7.30 pm we did kick and variations. In the final 10 mts we did free fighting.

Variations(in shizentai).
1. Knee kick -front leg/ back leg

2. maegiri - front leg/ back leg

3. knee kick front maegiri back and vice versa

4. maegiri front / mawashigeri back leg and vice versa
5. Maegiri mawashigeri kick (only for advanced belts) in kokutzu dachi

here he first did it for two stages. Then to one count
1. Take the knee straight up (to maegiri position)
2. twist it and do mawashigeri

6.maegiri JUMP and maegiri (The same thing i saw in you tube sosai oyama teaching to midori , and matsui in 1987 summer camp )

7. Mawashigeri JUMP mawashigeri

Then free fighting


My shin is bloody sore. Infact its a bit swollen. My right ankle joint is swollen and is painful to move. I kicked mawashigeri and opponent blocked it using forearm. And his forearm is ok but my shin and ankle is bad.

Got kicked in the balls after a long time. Medium fast so it did not hurt that much.

I need to work more on my solars.

Shihan said that the tournament is finalized for September 20th. I hope to fight in it.

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