Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hard work pays off

@ sudath aiyyas place with his boy

Started the morning by going for a full body workout to the S D S Jayasinghe park.

  • Ran medium speed for 12mts 30 seconds. Distance 420m*6=2520m
  • Then did splits, side to side bending and forward bending for 15mts.
  • Then did knee and ankle joint exercise. (Hips) + rotating hips
  • Then neck exercises. (forward backward/side to side/full round turn)
  • shoulders -stretched/rotated.
  • Knuckle pushups on the dirt- 30*2 / on the concrete 20 / palm push ups 20 =100 pushups
  • Stomach exercises- 50*2 crunches / 30*2 leg raises
  • 100 Full scots
Have been doing the same workout for months, so it has become a bit boring as i do it all alone. i don't have a training partner. Did the dips without much trouble with ease, guess i need to increase my repetitions and work on weights. Need to vary more the stomach exercises. Can feel that my calfs and thigh muscles have improved because of the taekwondo drills.
Came home at 9.00 . Went to university to help with the gavel orientation. Was there @ 10.05 .

The three sessions were a major success, well planned and precisely executed. Great work nadeesha.
The orientation ended at 11. Then we had a gavel club board meeting. It went for 2 hours and ended at 1. mentoring for juniors and speak olympiad 2009 were the two points discussed.

Till 1.30 i idlled away my time at the uni.

Then i got to the bus and went to PC park to get my PC. But they said it is still being repaired. So
Came home at 2.30 . Had my lunch . Had two omelets + fish +banana + plain yoghurt.

Played waka waka till 4.00 .
Started the first lesson on physics (electricity) that i am teaching my sister and her friends. Finished the class @ 6.30 . Went to sudat aiyyas place @ 7.00 .

Came home at 7.45pm . Had my dinner. Then went to the internet. Today I Could not work on SLAM (as i went to sudath aiyyas place which was not in the agenda, but having a good social network is a must and need to do small sacrifices to ensure that) . Finally i am gonna sleep now.


1)Write minutes of the Gavel board meeting
2)Finish SLAM simulation
3) morning - work one hour on the punching bag to condition shin and knuckles and fighting techniques
4)create a fun video with the gavel orientation and meeting clips.
5)go to karate practices and fight a bit (b there @ 5.15)

sleep @ 10.15


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