Monday, August 17, 2009

Foot techniques training session

Thought that the karatekas would like to know how the training in goes in our Dojo.

The style is kyokushin and shihan nanda siriwardena is the chief instructor.

Usual instructor for this session is sensei pasindu makalanda who represented srilanka for the world open tournament held in 2007.
The day is monday from 6pm-7pm (one hour) the whole session is focused on kicks.
we start with warm ups. It consists of a 5 minute run around the dojo.

Then comes streching. It starts with splits and goes to side to side bending. then we go up and down in seiza and bend backwards to lie on the floor (legs in seiza).

Then we go for 50 middle punches in migi sanchin dachi. then 50 maegiri in heiko dachi.

Then the workout starts on kicks.

Stance is heiko dachi with the hands up. (not on the belt)
  1. 100 Mae keage (front stretch kick)
  2. 100 yoko keage (side stretch kick)
  3. 100 hiza geri (knee kick)
  4. 100 maegiri ( chudan)
  5. 100 soto mawashigeri (outside inside kick)
  6. 100 Uchi mawashigeri (inside outside kick)
  7. 100 yoko geri chudan (side kick middle)
  8. 100 mawashigeri jordan(some times done 2 two counts ich-hip rotated and positioned , ni - leg streched; sometimes for one count)
  9. 50 Ushiro mawashi geri (reverse roundhouse kick) sometimes to two counts ich turn, ni kick
ofcourse after each set we jodge a bit and jump to relax our body. then 2 nugare and ibuki. that is all the rest we get in between.

i have started cross training my kyokushin with taekwondo and see a great speed advantage in taekwondo.
The thing is they r very very fast (lots of drills are done to strenthen legs and hips) though their impact strenth and conditioning is very low due to ignoring the self defense aspect and concentrating on the sports - semi contact aspect. But i hope to train more on taekwon to help with my karate kicking. (jumping kicks in taekwon is awesome and i specially like the turning back kick)

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