Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Final year project title

After a lot of praying we were blessed to get the project that we had for number one.

The topic is "Stochastic self-localization of a mobile robot" , which is currently a very hot topic in the academia. It involves software creation, hardware design and algorithm optimization . Therefore it is a well rounded topic which will further our electrical electronic as well as computer knowledge.

It has lots of research aspect in it. Apart from the fact the supervisor Dr.Pathirana is a very friendly chap and had done his Phd on the very same topic.

Lets see if we can make a break through innovation!

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Usman 007 said...

I am the student of undergrad (Electrical Engg) like you were and am going to start my work on SLAM within a month or two. The Robot's mechanical structure is ready, i have bought the IR sensors and camera. I need to learn what kind of algos i could implement and from where can i get easy-to-understand literature on Probabilistic SLAM. I have got an year to work on it. Tell me what kind of problems could i face and how to start like.
Usman Ayub