Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My current preference order for Final year project

need to clarrify some topics therefore this is a tentative prefernce

1.Synchronizing and Protection relay for net metering applications of Solar Panels.

3.Remote controlled hum-free fan regulator

4.Harmonic current compensator

5.Position sensing of a mobile robot with low cost optical mice. Ask frm Dr Pathirana

6.Improvement of reliability of micro hydro electricity generation plants

7. Development of a synchronized energy monitoring device for energy theft detection. Ask

8. Development of a high impedance fault detection system in low voltage distribution

9. Stochastic self-localization of a mobile robot Ask

10. Design and Implementation of Inverted Pendulum controller Ask

2.Three-phase full-parameter AC electricity acquisition module.

11. Design and implementation of unity-power-factor dimmable fluorescent lamp

ballast circuit
12. To design and build a “Power System Simulator”

13. Design and Development of a Control System of Agricultural Technologies Adapted
to Land mines Removal in Sri Lanka.

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