Monday, June 22, 2009

Download accelerator for linux comparison with windows software

what is the best download accelerator for linux?

I was addicted to IDM when i used Windows, but having switched to linux i tried my best to find a accelerator which matches IDM.

The result:

IDM:~60KBps in my ADSL link of 64KBps. 60/64 being the used maximum bandwidth.

Linux: (Prozilla) 51KBps. efficiency 51/64 .

Prozilla and IDM both use the same technologies and download the same file by partitioning it.
(lots of parallel connections of different parts of the file (frm different servers))

So, as far as download accelerators are concerned linux is still far behind.

But download managers are in par with windows.

Ofcourse this is not due to the operating system but due to lack of supportive software. from my experience Linux is far far ahead of windows as a operating system.

So we can expect the FOSS community to come up with a excellent download accelerator in the years to come.

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