Monday, May 11, 2009

A tribute to the pioneers of the Gavel club of the university of moratuwa

Dear Gavelians,

Today is indeed a very sad day for me because the pioneers of the gavel movement
are leaving the club for greater heights. From today onwards the club will be
represented by 2nd generation gavelians.

I can still clearly remember my first meeting where the 1st president of the
club Tharaka aiyya presided.

The way the club has developed into a mature and rooted club in such a short
time is unbeleivable.

Unlike other clubs the exponential growth of the Movement is completely due to
the dedicated work carried out by the pioneers who are now leaving the club.
They were extremely talented and hard working and each one of them inspired us,
their juniors in innumerable ways.

Dulini Akka was the live wire of the club from the very beggining and her hard
work was one of the major factors of the clubs' success.

Apart from being a truly talented toastmaster the way she worked with people was
a great example for all of us. Thank you akka for everything, u will always b
revered in the club as the live wire which gave life to the university gavel

Dilini akka was a great manager managing everything and presided over a golden
age of the club. The trademark of her leadership was the extremely smooth
functioning of the club. Apart from that she was always their to encourage us
whenever we were downcast and defeated. Thank you akka for everything.

The gavel club truly prospered not just because of the leaders but because of
the unbelievably talented pioneering gavelians of the club. Nuwanpriya aiyya was
a model toastmaster with unsurpassed skill and was a kind mentor for all of us.
Aravinda aiyya was a great inspiration to all of us due to his style of speaking
which was truly unconventional but surprisingly effective.

Apart from them, the different styles and awesome personalities of Nilendra aiyya,Radeeshan
aiyya,Lakshitha aiyya, Bodul aiyya, Chamath aiyya, Aravinda(sara) aiyya,hiranya
aiyya contributed to making the gavel club the top gavel club of the country.

All were truly amazing gavelians and having such a set of top class
personalities in the club was a remarkable thing in itself. Indeed they were all
successful in their careers as well, and topped every one in their respective

The standard set by them in the club is world class and even maintaining that
sort of class and professionalism will definitely be a very very difficult task
for us.

But we do hope to work harder and strive to increase the standard of the club.
We really do appreciate the great services rendered by you all to the club by
creating this club. (which will help all the undergrads develop their soft
skills in the years to come)

We cherished every moment we spent with you and will never forget the great
moments we shared together.
Once again thank you for the great treat given to us and the quality time you
spent with us today .

May all your dreams come true!

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