Monday, April 27, 2009

Duminda Silva and 17th Amendment, a plea to the opposition

Dear opposition politicians,

Why in the gods name are you being silent while the country is exploited by corrupted politicians?

We are truly disappointing by the lifeless way the opposition is tackling the political issues.A real democracy need a strong opposition. But what we see is an opposition for namesake only...

For instance you can fight for the 17th amendment to be implemented, and as long as it is not implemented you can use that to blast the government. The base is you can make a front with JVP and all leftist parties as well as JHU to make this a successful fight to achieve rights of the people.

Now is the time to wake up and do the duty to our motherland!
It is said that Duminda Silva has murdered a boy and you can use that to highlight the need for independent commissions and the 17th ammendment.Make that your main slogon and we will be there to back you up when the need arises.

Or is it that you truly don't need independent commissions and hope to exploit the corrupted power when you come to power?

So if you are sincere as the opposition please do this for the people.

For a better country filled with freedom and justice!

where the gangs, underworld and thugs have no say!