Monday, February 2, 2009

Kyokushin Grading test for green belt

Last fortnight i faced my kyokushin grading for green belt . The week before we were tested on kata, Taiyoku all pinan 1 2 3 and yantsu.

As we were not aware that Yantsu was to be tested, all most all failed to do it correctly.

Yantsu kata

This week we were tested on fighting.

We were to do 3 2minute fights (full contact no guards) in order to pass.

I am of very slight build and less bulk.Thus my punches are not powerful but my kicks are lethal.

In my arsanel i have Mawashigeri kicks, Ushiro mawashigeri, Maegiri Mawashigiri and Spinning back kick.

My first fight was with a very bulky guy who works as a bodyguard for a security agency. Well, he has lot of experience and power , and fighting him was like living a nightmare. His maegiri and punches are very powerful and fast and difficult to counter. But as i am much faster i did my best. The good thing is dat, i understood
that i could take it with ease, the stomach exercises paid dividends cause i wouldn't have been able to take that much of punishment a year before. I took it like a man and fought back pretty hard. I also understood my weak points. The first is dat though having done a lot of punching bag practices, my punches are not coordinated properly, i will have 2 work on dat, Or how much i wanted to feel my fist solidly landing on da solars, but i failed :( .I also did not use kicks 2 da head as Shihan told not to.. So i fought with a lot of handicap.

I learnt a lot and gained a lot of experience from this

1.That I can take a lot of punishment without going down KO

2.That if i am aggresive i can limit the punishment i take and also make the oppnent go into defensive mode

3.Dat i should do more power training, specially for thighs and solars

4.Dat i need 2 practice more casual fighting to develop a unique strategy.

5.Use all my kick specially spinning back kick.

6.That i should not waste my shots but must use every blow effectively to the weakest parts of the opponents body. Must be accurate.

7. must practice to time and execute a perfect maegiri.

My Damages

Apart from the usual damage to the thighs due to thigh kicks and to abdomen due to maegiri and punches,I miss timed a mawashigeri chudan and tore the ligaments in my ankles which was very painful.I must season my instep more and must practice a lethal mawashigeri chudan.

The power grading

1. 35 knokle pushups, 20 5 fingers, 10 3 fingers, 5 2fingers.

2. 75 full scots

3. 50 stamach pulls, 50 situps

Here is a sample fight which shows a kyokushin full contact fight

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