Monday, February 2, 2009

IEEE Student branch University Of Moratuwa Induction Day 2009

this is the link to register, fill in the form and mail to us, limited seats so hurry up

What we hope to do In 2009

This is our second year as a club. We hope to stage some ground breaking events and to make the year a memorable one. This Year our mother organization celebrates 125 years of excellence in engineering.

What You Gain by Joining Us

1.All events have only limited slots (due to limited resources)and the members will be given priority for the workshops on cutting edge technology (with hands on experience) organized by us

2.Ability to organize stage events, thus experience in leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

3.Exposure to industry , interaction with other IEEE clubs, ability to participate in local and international conferences.

AND many more..............

In order to join our club please fill this form and email to:

1.Coding event- open and inter uni, is staged in order to sharpen the programming skills with workshop

2.Microcontroller hands on Workshop

3.PLC programming hands on seminar

4.Robotics competition (simulation of mobotsim for AI algo and real construction)+ workshop

5.Mini exhibition- in collaboration with other clubs and departments we hope to do an open exhibition in order to educate the public and motivate the youngsters

6.Linux and Foss workshop

7.Cricket Fiesta/ intra uni gaming tournament

8.Workshop on leadership skills

9.workshop on communication skills

10 Hackers workshop- wireless WEP/WPA hacking passwords/oprahcd

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