Sunday, February 22, 2009

Please Sir learn from your mistakes, people who do the same mistake again and again are called idiots

Lanka ex-PM: Army faces major casualties

By Sanjay Basak

New Delhi: The three-decade-long Sri Lankan conflict has not only bled the country’s economy but also failed to heal the divisions among its communities, former Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe, now visiting New Delhi, said in an interview to this newspaper.

Colombo’s triumph in "conventional warfare" over the Tigers has, however, caused its armed forces heavy casualties. When asked about casualties in the Army, a closely-guarded secret in that country, Mr. Wickremesinghe said: "It is very high... The government does not want to announce it (death toll and injuries) thinking that this will demoralise the Army, but I don’t think so... The armed forces know what the casualties are."

It is learnt that "The bodybags are on the rise. The government does not want to reveal the figures... but I think it is an indication of the enormous sacrifices being made by soldiers in this operation."

He went on to add that the "sacrifices made by the armed forces should come out into the open... only then will people realise their contribution," and added: "This information is not coming out as the government is interested only in safeguarding its own interest."

The former Prime Minister said despite the military establishing its superiority in conventional warfare, its battle with the LTTE in the Mullaittivu jungles could drag on for long. The LTTE, he added, had "opted out of conventional warfare, realising that they cannot win".

Mr. Wickremesinghe said the Tigers had retreated deep into the Mullaittivu jungles and felt it could continue with its guerrilla campaign "as long as it has the support of the local population". He added: "The government has to take a political decision to win over the people, and eliminate the LTTE’s support base."

He, however, maintained that the ongoing military offensive to consolidate government control over one territory "is not opposed by us. We stand for it." He said that in the 2005 presidential elections, the United National Party (UNP) had put forward a proposal that a "political solution was necessary to end the conflict". He recalled, "But the LTTE asked the Tamils not to vote in the elections and therefore the solution we put on the table was rejected and we lost." Virtually indicating that the LTTE has brought the war on itself, Mr. Wickremesinghe said: "Thereafter, dealing with the LTTE was the responsibility of the new President."

Meanwhile, despite the sustained offensive, LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran is alive and hiding in the dense, impregnable Mullaittivu jungles. "Prabhakaran is alive and hiding in the Mullaittivu jungles. Reports and information indicate that he is not leaving the country," the former PM revealed. He also maintained that most of the LTTE equipment has not been discovered yet.

"Some military officers feel that they are concealed and there could be some difficulty to locate them, though they have found a submarine and other light arms." He said the Army was "considering how it could fight inside the Mullaittivu jungles", adding, "There is, however, always an element of luck."

He admitted that there "was some kind of support to the LTTE by the people and till the government took any positive step to usher in confidence, people, albeit, "reluctantly, will provide support to the LTTE".

Asked whether a dead Prabhakaran could be a major cause of concern for the country, he replied: "If the social and economic issues are not settled, even if the whole of the LTTE disappears, there is room for another organisation to spring up." He pointed out that a "lot of support to the LTTE is coming from outside and that kind of infrastructure is still available". He described Prabhakaran as a "child of a problem and as long as the problem stays, there will be someone else to take up the issue".

As the battle rages with censored information, Mr. Wickremesinghe maintained that the "priority was to evacuate the 200,000 civilians trapped in the LTTE-controlled area of the battle zone". He said this was a "humanitarian issue". Though he felt that with the "kind of military operation going on, this might sound difficult, but is not impossible".

He asserted that Sri Lanka has to rescue the trapped civilians to "fulfil obligations under international humanitarian law". He claimed that the LTTE has refused to allow people to cross over to the government-controlled areas and was being condemned for that. "But we cannot be judged by similar criteria. If the government does not take any step, it could lead to another major crisis," he said.

(Asian Age)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kyokushin Grading test for green belt

Last fortnight i faced my kyokushin grading for green belt . The week before we were tested on kata, Taiyoku all pinan 1 2 3 and yantsu.

As we were not aware that Yantsu was to be tested, all most all failed to do it correctly.

Yantsu kata

This week we were tested on fighting.

We were to do 3 2minute fights (full contact no guards) in order to pass.

I am of very slight build and less bulk.Thus my punches are not powerful but my kicks are lethal.

In my arsanel i have Mawashigeri kicks, Ushiro mawashigeri, Maegiri Mawashigiri and Spinning back kick.

My first fight was with a very bulky guy who works as a bodyguard for a security agency. Well, he has lot of experience and power , and fighting him was like living a nightmare. His maegiri and punches are very powerful and fast and difficult to counter. But as i am much faster i did my best. The good thing is dat, i understood
that i could take it with ease, the stomach exercises paid dividends cause i wouldn't have been able to take that much of punishment a year before. I took it like a man and fought back pretty hard. I also understood my weak points. The first is dat though having done a lot of punching bag practices, my punches are not coordinated properly, i will have 2 work on dat, Or how much i wanted to feel my fist solidly landing on da solars, but i failed :( .I also did not use kicks 2 da head as Shihan told not to.. So i fought with a lot of handicap.

I learnt a lot and gained a lot of experience from this

1.That I can take a lot of punishment without going down KO

2.That if i am aggresive i can limit the punishment i take and also make the oppnent go into defensive mode

3.Dat i should do more power training, specially for thighs and solars

4.Dat i need 2 practice more casual fighting to develop a unique strategy.

5.Use all my kick specially spinning back kick.

6.That i should not waste my shots but must use every blow effectively to the weakest parts of the opponents body. Must be accurate.

7. must practice to time and execute a perfect maegiri.

My Damages

Apart from the usual damage to the thighs due to thigh kicks and to abdomen due to maegiri and punches,I miss timed a mawashigeri chudan and tore the ligaments in my ankles which was very painful.I must season my instep more and must practice a lethal mawashigeri chudan.

The power grading

1. 35 knokle pushups, 20 5 fingers, 10 3 fingers, 5 2fingers.

2. 75 full scots

3. 50 stamach pulls, 50 situps

Here is a sample fight which shows a kyokushin full contact fight

IEEE Student branch University Of Moratuwa Induction Day 2009

this is the link to register, fill in the form and mail to us, limited seats so hurry up

What we hope to do In 2009

This is our second year as a club. We hope to stage some ground breaking events and to make the year a memorable one. This Year our mother organization celebrates 125 years of excellence in engineering.

What You Gain by Joining Us

1.All events have only limited slots (due to limited resources)and the members will be given priority for the workshops on cutting edge technology (with hands on experience) organized by us

2.Ability to organize stage events, thus experience in leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

3.Exposure to industry , interaction with other IEEE clubs, ability to participate in local and international conferences.

AND many more..............

In order to join our club please fill this form and email to:

1.Coding event- open and inter uni, is staged in order to sharpen the programming skills with workshop

2.Microcontroller hands on Workshop

3.PLC programming hands on seminar

4.Robotics competition (simulation of mobotsim for AI algo and real construction)+ workshop

5.Mini exhibition- in collaboration with other clubs and departments we hope to do an open exhibition in order to educate the public and motivate the youngsters

6.Linux and Foss workshop

7.Cricket Fiesta/ intra uni gaming tournament

8.Workshop on leadership skills

9.workshop on communication skills

10 Hackers workshop- wireless WEP/WPA hacking passwords/oprahcd