Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Have you ever thought if the person that you always move with is your real friend?

People do find it difficult to judge friendship.

Take this experience i had today. At a lecture the whole class was in jolly good mood. Pretty obviuos cao it was the last week of the semester and thus the very last class.

A friend of mine hit me in my back for fun and then a friend sitting in front of me commented on that. And to that comment i said something which was meant to be a joke. But well, did that person take it seriously. In fact a friendly banter changed in to that person saying some harsh things to me. Anyways it ended with hurt feelings for both parties.

Now here is the point, if that person was a real friend , he/she wud have understood that i meant it to be joke and did not mean any harm. And thus not made it look like a offense and retribute. Now a real friend will forgive you for small mistakes that you do and help you to be a good and better person. A real friend wil understand ur feeling and thus always try to be sensitive.
Real friend will not think about the getting help from the other but about helping him with no intention of returning the favour! The point was this, assuming i did say something inappropraite the friend should have understood that i meant no harm. If that person doesnt understand no give any slack to you when making mistakes that person is not a good friend! We all do make mistakes at one time or another, so if your so called friend doesn't forgive you then he is faking friendship till he gets his job done by you! beware of these people they are real danger!
infact those a real leachers who will smile a appear friendly only till they get their thing done by you and afterwards smailes and words will be gone!!!!!

A real friend will open his heart to your feelings and help make smoothen the rough edges of life.

Being real friend is truly difficult coz it is about giving love selflessly. But try to be a better friend every day, so that one day you can end up being a beautiful person in your heart a true friend!

cheers in your path towards building true friendshipsQ

Friday, December 25, 2009

real speed of the SLT ADSL home connection

512kbps upload 128kbps download unlimited SLT home ADSL package speed results.


I have now used slt adsl home package for 1.5 yrs . The cost including taxes is SLR 1850/= inc. taxes .

I have found it to be very reliable and within the 90% speed limit of which it was quoted.
Using IDM i get 55-60KBps download speed and good seeded torrents gives a speed of ~50KBps.

The service of SLT in this section is good too.

As this is unlimited download connection , i have downloaded lots of torrent and big direct downloads. Even then there have being no throttling of bandwidth and i get 60 out of the theoretical 63KBps.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Presentation by Professor from Purdue University USA

Prof. Nihal kulathunge, presenting to us his ideas about energy efficiency and management.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MA 402- 2009 February - Operational research semester end paper marking scheme

Operational research MA402 Feb 2009 answer script

Thank you, our beloved Operational Research lecturer Mrs. Ravidi Jayasundara, for sharing the marking scheme with us.

Assistance by Multilateral Donors - Case Studies in the Energy Sector

Guest lecture by Professor Priyantha Wijethunge.

A very informative eye opener to the world of engineering economics.

Thank you sir for taking time to share your knowledge with us.

Kyokushin karate training

This is a great video which shows the typical training routine of kyokushin karateka.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

EE 4210 Power System Protection recommended text

The text is the recommended text by Mr. Jayasiri Karunanayake. All the examples and theory correspond one to one with the notes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Relay grading tutorial

This is a brief glimpse into the relay grading tutorial we had for our level 4 sem1 protection subject,

Orion in the sky

About a year ago my eyesight dropped rapidly , i coudnt even find the constellations in the sky. But today peeking from the balcony i saw my favorite "ORION" the hunter in the sky. The ancient Greek mythologies that i read in my childhood made me a dreamer and a romantic. I still do dream a lot.
Orion was a major reason of me doing so. Seeing Orion today makes me feel my old confident self again. I did lose my confidence about a year ago when i screwed my studies big time in level 3.
But things have being great lately and i feel my spirit heart and brains have returned. i am pumped up and ready to charge and do what i want, the way i want and be the best hasala ever!

Funny how seeing a simple thing as a constellation in the sky made me soo happy !

Life is awesome :) :) :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Life is awesome

These days have been actioned packed for me with the beat even faster than 24.

A mess in the uni, a bigger mess and fight in front of our house, extreme efficient studying, Working out in the park every day and hanging out with my friends all contributed to this.

Well i need to be frank when i say that fights motivate me. The lethargic pace of life turns to a much more motivated lively pace.
Didn't go for karate as grading test was scheduled for this saturday.
Feel extremely fit and ready to go the final lap of the first semester!

Sweetest victory!

Electromagnetics resources

Power system stability tutorial 1


Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life is a fight

After a long lull my life entered another phase. The transition is from peace to war. From sleeper to fighter. This is about survival and not about victory. The experience is bitter but refreshing. Getting into a fight motivates me to do my best. And when i feel safe the motivation seeps from me and i become another ordinary guy. But when there is some rivalry and enemies, in the face of adversity i become a completely different person with a drive like no other.

Randomz from operational research

K-1 WGP 2009 final fights

Friday, December 4, 2009

Numerical differentiation

We did a practical to find the knee point voltage of a CT.
We got 6 readings and from that we are to draw a graph and find the knee point voltage which is the voltage at which the gradient of the tangent becomes 0.2.

After drawing the graph saw that the knee point lies above the range of readings taken so tried out a numerical method instead of a graphical one.

1) Interpolate and extrapolate the values to suffiecient accuracy

2) use the matlab gradient function

Current (mA) Voltage (V)
65 5
230 7
760 9
2300 11
4000 13
6300 15
9700 17
14600 19

syntax at http://www.mathworks.com/access/helpdesk/help/techdoc/ref/gradient.html
a=[5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19 ]

a=[5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19 ]

> gradient(a,b) // Here we want to differentiate a with respect to b, this can be done using gradient command in matlab

ans =

Columns 1 through 7

-4.7619 36.3636 1.9324 1.2346 1.0000 0.7018 0.4819

Column 8


NOTE: My values could have been much more accurate if i interpolated the values and wrote a m-file where the it is checked with the gradient and at the point it increases o.2 the value of the voltage is output .

But lack of time stops me, hopefuly after the exams i will get time 2 finish the post.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

30 days more and counting

Yes its been a hard semesters work and just 4 weeks more for the grand finale.

studied more things this sem than all 3 previous years combined.

Challenge is to complete all the course work and econ assignment successfully and start working out past papers.

Only 4 weeks to complete all this and the subject that i am repeating electromagnetics.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Training again

The prolonged rainy weather passed away. Illness coupled with injuries and rain for weeks does give enough reason to become lazy.

So the glorius weather which started from yesterday urge me to start workouts again. In the evening i went to the single bar and did 30 pull ups. Went home and went to the grounds at 6.30 pm. There ran for 20mts. I didnt run out of gas but by round 5 i started getting the old knee pain. But i didnt stop and completed 8. In the final round the pain was unbearable. There seems to be some big problem with my knee joints.
Did streching , i felt very stiff though. Then 30 knuckle pushups on the gravel. completed with 100 full scots.

Today i went for kyokushin training at 5.00pm . I didn't gas out or blackout this time. Shihan re did all the kihon (basic techniques) . After one hour we were told to do 50 knuckle pushups. Now unlike last week i didn't do all 50 but stopped at 30, i didnt want to blackout like last week.
Then we did lots of maekeage kicks. lots of shuto attacks and straight punches. it was very demanding needed a lot ofmental power to complete the workout.
And then shihan gave us a big lecture about training and we had to stay in seiza for 10mts, now that was a real painful experience. Afterwards we stood up and again went to the seiza for the knee bow. At the dojo oath dinush read out the dojo kun incorrectly and bcoz of that we had to read it about 5 times. And that was even more painful because we had been in seiza for about 15mts.

Overall great workout, releived all stress and now im pumped up to go with NO2 in the coming week. Very happ thta i didnt gas out. My cardio and strenth is returning :) :) .

Came home at 8.00pm

Friday, November 27, 2009

kyokushin night 2009

kyokushin night 2009 was held from 6pm to 1am at the sakagawa hall colpetty on 21st november , which is incidentally my Bday.

It was great fun.
We were introduced to the history and people instrumental in building kyokushin organization to what it is today.
We were shown a short video with all time greats getting prepared for the 1st world tournament.
We were also shown a slide show with imporatant photos taken at imporatant junctions of kyokushin.

We also met a lot of old karatekas who have stopped training due to other responsibilities.

Entertainment was great we were entertained with a variety of songs encompassing all gendres.

Sensei gamini kuruppu sang some nice songs and his acts were very entertaining.

Mrs. Siriwardenas' neice kushani sandareka also sang some songs and also her sister sang a couple or more. Leka aunty also sang one song.

Apart from the music their was a small musical chairs competition for children as well as adults and a paper dancing competition.

It was an awesome night. The 6 hours were well spent.

Got alift to home. was home by 2.00



Slept at 2.30am .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another chapter in the book of corruption which sucks the life of our country

Having gone to watch the robotgames competition organized by the IESL, we saw a nice robot drive set (which we had earlier seen in the internet) which the OUSL guys had used in their robot.
We got the details from the leader of that group (kasun) , who said that he ordered it online and got it whithin a week.

A month before (october 20th) we ordered that robot drive kit from Devantech Ltd through their online interface. Yasitha paid for it using his debit card whilst sanath and myself paid him SLR22000/=. About a week after we were able to get a sponsorship of SLR25000/= from Mr. Daya Gamage . So we were content enough to wait till we get the motors to start building our robot.

We waited and waited and on 19th november i get a letter from the central mail exchange, saying that the parcel mail has been taken into custody by the customs. It asked me to pay the taxes and free the goods.

Now this robot drive was for our final year research project. Though we should be funded by the university we are not. So we work our asses off to find a sponsor, and after doing that we need to pay tax to the government, when we are using the equipment for research. No way! This is insane!

Now why the hell should we pay the government when we are doing what the government should do by ourself.

AND THEY DONT EXEMPT US FROM PAYING TAX! THIS IS HILARIUOS! seems that we have to get a letter from the treasury to get tax exemption for this motors!
yeah why not from the president himself, rather than the treasury?

And the funnier part is that the custom officers only check parcels randomly because otherwise they get too many parcels to handle.

The even funnier part is that when we told them what our need is they asked for our University IDs and asked us to wait, we told them that we can get letters from the university to prove that the equipment were to be used for research.
After waiting for 10 mts Then they tell us to pay 4000 as tax, without even asking for the invoice of sale.

Now here is the catch:

They didnt ask for any invoice, but randomly put the price as SLR12000 and calculated tax for that.
Whilst doing so they tell us that they are doing a great favour for us! well yeah they did us a favour by reducing the estimated value to 6000, but they did that after wasting our time, ragging us and playing mental games with us! When it was pretty clear that we were using this equipment for the technological development of the country! The catch is this they will tax 27% even if we get a letter from the university (after having brought it the uni. address) according to the value appraisal officer at customs.!!! !@#$%

Then they tell that the tax is 1700. Now we didnt have 1700 and only 500/= and told them so.
Now they say that they have written the bill so that they can't change it. They could have but now cant coz the bill is written!

So we have to leave empty handed and have to waste another day to get the motor drives!


1) Why does the government charge tax for equipment brought for research by the academia?

2) The tax added to 1613/6000 = 27% ??? assuming this is not for research but for noncommercial use, isnt 27% too much of a tax to pay?

3) so for every 100 ruppees we pay minimum 30% tax, so does the government spend that huge tax for the benefit of the people?

4) This must have not been the first time that they have charged taxes from research equipment brought down by the academia, so why doesnt the academia do anything to stop this rape?

5) The custome people said that nothing is exempt from tax, so what about free samples or gifts, they aernt taxed, how can that be?

6) Why do they check foreign parcel mail only randomly, if they tax or check it must be done for every parcel or else for non, why this discrepancy?

7) How can the custom officers just value the equipment according to their will, is their not any procedure to get do it? eg. i had a bill of 111 pounds, but they valued it for 6000/= .

I will be going tommorow (which is incidently my Bday) to pay and retrieve the equipment and will update the blog.

Here are the details of bills and tax documents.


Our invoice
From tax_robotdrive

Tax form: Note how they have valued it to 6000 without considering any factor according to there will!
From tax_robotdrive

From tax_robotdrive
"Local manufacturers are protected by tariffs. Between 20%-50% (and sometimes higher) tariffs are applied on imports competing with national industries (including furniture, concentrated and canned food and fruit juices) and on goods for the Lebanese Army and security forces which are deemed to be locally available."-Lebanon

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I feel sorry for a lot of folks out there!

After being sick for 3 shitty weeks i went to the kyokushin gym yesterday. The initial warm ups , punches, blocks and open hand techniques were alrit. I went through them but not with much ease as i was rusty. Going in to seiza i could feel the pains in my thigh muscles and joints.

Now after 1 hour we had 2 do a set of 5o knuckle pushups! ahem, i was rusty yes, but being the guy who doesnt give a shit and does 100%, i went from 30 -40 to 50. ((( Well not exactly because i missed a few counts in the 40s :) . This resulted in a major embarrasment :( :( . I should have faked the pushups :( :( )))

Afterwards we stood up and started breathing. In the nugare breathing time, i felt the dizziness creeping into me. I felt it getting dark second by second. When it just went out of hand i went to shihan and he asked me to lie down. Now i rested for 5 minutes, but being the strong headed idiot that i am, thought that faintishness was over and joined the class again.

Knee kicks alrit. Then maegiri, out to inside inside to outside kick all in one set, and i fely dizzy and blacked out again! oh shit!

i am a 23 years old advanced belter with over 4 years of knockout karate, and after being down for 2 weeks i cant continue a normal 2 hours dojo class!
I dont smoke or drink (even beer) ! I dont overeat or eat junk food! I have a very strong work ethic and workout whenver i have time! Ahem ahem

So if that is my situation what will it be for normal couch potato? if we cant take that much of physical and mental strain our lives are definitely gonna b short and painful!

As for me, I have started my workouts again and i can improve to my previous fitness level in two weeks!

that is why , I feel sorry for a lot of folks out there!

THE gist is this, if you live loose you are gonna be a looser! Even if you are a genius, your potential will be lost! We must always think about our health and that takes priority over every other shitty thing in our life, coz health is wealth and not vice versa! nah nah nah

So folks, time to shrug off the ashes and rise up, start living your life to your full potential!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rogers vs Fedor

What a fight, martial artist reigns supreme, while the brawler is KOd.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A day of rest

After falling sick decided that i needed a bit of a rest. So today i slept to my hearts content and rested the whole day.

My Heart and Body feels rested and rejunevated. I am ready to punch my way through the next half of the semester with all i have.

1 day of taekwondo, 1 day of cardio workout and one day of karate training will be all i can manage into my next half semester.

David Vs Goliath at the kyokushin 1991 world open tournament

Monday, October 26, 2009

Game on

Kinda eventful day. OR spot test it was the same given to the mech people , so got through it easy.

At the 3-5 protection tutorial my cough worsened into a wheez, so i drank some cough syrup -actifed (may b a overdose) i feel dazed and stoned.
Cough seems to persist though, so hopefully no practicals on wednesday 4 me 2 b at home.
caught the discussion of the OR argumnet on video. will upload it later.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

i am back

guyz im back. It was a hectic week. No time to update the blog. But hope to later.

End Of speak olympiad 4 with lots of fond memories.

Caught a cold on 22 nd october. It was The day of Speak Olympiad finals too. Fell sick after a long long time.
missed karate practice on 24th as i was down with the cold. Couldn't go for IEEExtreme programming competition as well. Bloody bad time to fall sick. Two mid exams next week too. :)
Next week is a hectic week.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

CC 2500 rf transceiver design plan by yasitha

IESL Robogames

Week 4

Woke at 5.30am. Went to the grounds at 6.15 . Did a complete workout as there was no hurry to go. No lectures the whole day.

Studied Power slectronics , pretty slow progress, very frustrating.Funny thing is i can't remember anything done in Level 2
. And power electronics is at a standstill till we master fourier series. Put up the gavel Speak olympiad finals hoarding at the front. Came home at 6.15. From UC got a 183 double decker bus, that was the first time i had seen a decker in the 183 route.
Sleep at 9.30pm.


Woke at 6.30 . groggy after last nights excesses. Went to the installlation lecture.
Returened the oil lamp used for Speak Olympiad and retrieved my Uni ID. Studied OR and power electronics. Worked with sanath from 8 on final year project. We borrowed a serial to USB converter and try to configure it to work in sanaths laptop. It failed . Slept at 10.30pm.


Woke at 5.20am. Went to the grounds with thilina and his Earth friend at 5.55. The earliest i had left hostel. Ran for 6 rounds. then streching and 25 pull ups. 30 knuckle pushups. 40 situps , 20 leg raises. Came to uni and completed the thyristor applications course work. Helped with Speak Olympiad semi finals.
After the event went to the treat given by the finalist. It was frankly not much fun, not even close to the great times we had with dulini , kara and co...
came to hostel at 9.30 pm.


7 hours of lectures at a stretch is not much fun to speak of. All the subjects are processor intensive and hardcore, no room for errors. Couldnt concentarte 100% on power systems and power system protection.
Decision trees in engineering economics was confusing too.Started work on the thyristor coursework and did it till 9.00 . Loaned the robot of polpitiya malli.
Woke at 6. Insu;ation coordination was a success for the first time. I feel that we need to put much more efffort for

our studies. Seeing how Prof. Lucas is striving to teach us all the difficult concepts of HV engineering in the simplest possible manner , i was moved by his commitment to teaching.

Then 10-12 power electronics. Next monday in class test.
1-3 OR. 26th in class test OR. studied dual simplex and thyristor course work. Came to help with the gavel work at 6.15. Supper at 7.15 , went through todays work and revised work for tommorow.
sleep at 9.


Woke at 6.00 . Went to play football with the guyz at 6.30 . came home at 8.30am. Washed all my cloths and had a bath. Updated my blog , picasa and gavel blog.Spoke to Mrs Gamage reagrding sponsorship for final year project. Taught physics to my sister and her friend. Went to c archi at punchi archis place.
sleep at 9.30 .

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stochastic Localization Of Mobile robot

first review project proposal and presentation


Woke at 5.30am . Didn't drink tea for the first time.went to the grounds at 6.15 .normal workout minus scots. Stomach exercises too had to be cut in half due to lack of time.
4 rounds of running 4 warm ups. 30 pullups. 40 knuckle pushups, 20 palm. 30 + 20 crunches.

I got late for gavel club photo as i had to speak to Dr. Pathirana our project supervisor. It dragged on for over 30 minutes and i got leftout of the official photo. Funny how fate works, i'm the only guy who was with the club from day one, but im not in any official club photo not even in the final photo :( .

Whatever the prep talk i got from Dr.Pathirana reallyput me in high spirits.

Met lokuthatha who had come to pick my cousin from the tennis tournament. She represented University of colombo, seems that our girls were beaten by them, what a shame!

Went to vimukthis hostel room to checkout their robo for the robogames, sadly they are running out of time :) . learnt a lot after staying at their romm for 3 hours.
came home at 7.15pm . sleep ta 11.30pm


Woke at 6. Went to the installation lecture at 8. Modified the presentation again. Rehearsed it with meeya. Went to the hostel had a wash and came back at 1.
Went for the final yr first project presentation.
Our presentation became a mess.
The earlier group had disconnected the desktop that we rehearsed with and connected their laptop to use the phone as a remote.
Our presentor meeya had used that laptop for the presentation.
The picture that we had cut from pdfs and pasted to the slides showed with very little contrast , so much so that it was almost not visible. This gave way to the presentation being interrupted and our group being blamed of plagiarism. And the presentor being weak in communication skills got stuck and made a mess of it. But after completion of presentation at the questioning session we were able to prove that we did not do so.
What a nightmare.!

We being the most hardworking group , having started work weeks before others, being made to be publicly humiliated.
After the presentation we got together and had a nice chat. We decided to
  1. To keep wednesdaay as project day
  2. to invest any amount without hesitation on project
  3. to multi thread the duties
  4. to loan a platform from iesl robogames participants to test our system and to get an idea about what to buy for our robot

Went to the lab and searched about RF communication unit , found a quite a bit of literature, seems it wont be that much of a big deal.

We will jump start the project from this week.

Went to hostel and did some work on the thyristor coursework.

Honoring the lecturers

The award ceremony was organized by the 07 electrical batch and was a major success. Well done guyz!



Woke at 5.30 . Went to the grounds. Did 35 pull ups, 40 knuckle pushups , 20 palm push ups and 50*2 crunches.

Did a complete (hard) stretching workout after a about 2 weeks after doing a 2km run for warm ups. I feel my cardio endurance is decreasing. Need to work on it. Good work out. I felt it in my bones.No lectures today. We went to give the the final presentation to supervisor. He showed us some places to correct.
Worked on them timm 12.30 and corrected them.
Went to escort namal to deposit the gavel strategic sponsor cheque at the sampath bank. Came to uni again at 2.00pm .Tried studying fault analysis but progress was so very slow. Very frustrating seems my basics have weakened by a mile. Will have to start again from the beginning and master the basics.
Todays efficiency was very very low. Im not happy about what I achieved today, a total wash out. Sleep at 10.



Today was a special day in the sense that I missed the first lecture for this academic year. Hopefully the first and the last lecture that I will ever have to cut.
Today we had the Speak Olympiad preliminaries. It was a great show and a success in every sense. Their were a record number (37) of competitors. The sponsorship money earned for this gavel year was unbelievable. Great job people.
After concluding the event we went to KFC to celebrate it! Thanks harinda and malaka was the nice treat. We had a great time , infact though I hate extreme ends be it eating or fun, being together with such a set of diverse, dynamic set of individuals is a great social experience in itself.
Infact an important question arose at this occasion about my blogging and why I do that?
It’s a way to exspress my ideas and experiences so at others can learn from my mistakes and take the short path rather than re-inventing the wheel.
It gives a way to keep a tab on what I am doing and to see if im deviating from my objectives and priorities.
These are the frank ideas that flow through the head of a electrical engineering final year undergraduate. Why should I let them go to waste rather than post to the blog space for others to learn from my mistakes and strengths.
The gavel club has been the main avenue of my university lifeto get updated with the society and feel the changes. Rather than being bogged down in my normal world filled with nerds or half nerds.
Sleep at 11.



Woke up at 6. Came to uni at 8. Was very sleepy in the morning. Our juniors organized a teachers (lecturers) day at 12.00 . Went to that. Only me and hello were there from level 4. It was a great idea and was superbly executed, even the dean of engineering faculty attended. At the ceremony all the students present including me honoured the lecturers by worshipping them. As handshake is done to appreciate someone in the west, this part of the world we appreciate their services by worshipping.

Then I worked with my friends on the first project presentation and worked late to completely finish it.

The presentation looks pretty cool. Im extremely satisfied with the result. Dictated what to be said at the presentation to my friend who is presenting it on Thursday.

Went to help the gavel Speak Olympiad, but the project chairs had all under control. Good job guyz

Came to the hostel at 7.30 . Revised work done today and went through the stuff coming tomorrow. Sleep at 10.45pm.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kyokushin kihon extreme training

Came home at 4.15. I was weary after hours of walking around, but had my lunch and immediately went for karate practices. Messed up the time , thought class starts at 5 when it actually starts at 5.30pm

Today was the most demanding day in my 4 years of kyokushin. Shihan took the class. All started with lots of punches.He emphasized on learning how to make a fist and performing a punch properly . Then in order to strenthen the fist in between sets of punches, 20 knuckle pushup sets were done. Well after ever so many sets of knuckles we had to do finger pushups 20. Then it was sets of 50 punches in kiba dachi! it was very very painful and took every bit of physical as well as internal ki energy we had.

After that he asked us to do maegiri, beleive me i couldn't count the number, may be about 400 or 600 without a break . It just went on and on! at the end my eyes were almost closed and i did it in a state of half consciousness. What a workout, it took our last bit of external internal and mind energy and we had to go on doing it with nothing to draw energy from. I don't think lot of men have experienced that sensation. Very extreme mind power at work, and astonishingly i was able to cope well given that i still am recovring from the injuries sustained in a fight 2 months ago. I could feel my internal strength expanding and filling the void. And to feel it you need to go to ur extreme, and then keep on going an equal distance to what u have travelled till that point, and not many can do that without quitting because the pain and difficu;ty increases exponentially per each rep!

That was not the end, then come the yummy part. 500 continous scots. It was indeed a day for the mind to get going. I was past exhaustion after completing 150 and each rep afterwards was done with the internal ki energy (my voice is hoarse after yelling kiai , i can feel blood in my throat)

Well that was not the end too!!!!

Then we did 10 mts normal fighting techniques , i did it as if in a dream, half sleep half awake, i was that tired! kyokushin is really the hardest karate by far! "We will train our hearts and bodies , for a firm unshaking spirit"
I was so very tired physically but very revives and energized mentally. After finishing the class shihan told us , about the "kyokushin nite" organized on november 21st which is incidentally my Bday.

When the going gets tough the tough gets going

Today i woke at 5.45 . Couldn't go to the katina perahera as my cousin didnt answer his phone. What a mess. Went to the temple and gave the fruits mom had promised.

Went to techno to get the details for our robot and to get ideas/contacts for our independent study. Pancha came with me , so it was fun.
We went to each and every stall and had a gala time. What a well of knowledge it was!

Watched IESL robogames, so many participants from different backgrounds, from unis, ousl to HNDE!

We got an idea about the required parts and configurations, Samitha malli promised give us there platform for testing! one headache has got solved! mission success.

Came home at 4.15. I was weary after hours of walking around, but had my lunch and immediately went for karate practices. Messed up the time , thought class starts at 5 when it actually starts at 5.30pm

Today was the most demanding day in my 4 years of kyokushin. Shihan took the class. All started with lots of punches.He emphasized on learning how to make a fist and performing a punch properly . Then in order to strenthen the fis,t inbetween sets of punches 20 knuckle pushup sets were done. Well after ever so many sets of knuckles we had to do finger pushups 20. Then it was sets of 50 punches in kiba dachi! it was very very painful and took every bit of physical as well as internal ki energy we had.

After that he asked us to do maegiri, beleive me i couldn't count the number, may be about 400 or 600 without a break . It just went on and on! at the end my eyes were almost closed and i did it in a state of half consciousness. I only woke up when i hit the bottom of the hot chick who was in front of me. What a workout, it took our last bit of external internal and mind energy and we had to go on doing it with nothing to draw energy from. I don't think lot of men have experienced that sensation. Very extreme mind power at work, and astonishingly i was able to cope well given that i still am recovring from the injuries sustained in a fight 2 months ago. I could feel my internal strength expanding and filling the void. And to feel it you need to go to ur extreme, and then keep on going an equal distance to what u have travelled till that point, and not many can do that without quitting because the pain and difficu;ty increases exponentially per each rep!

That was not the end, then come the yummy part. 500 continous scots. It was indeed a day for the mind to get going. I was past exhaustion after completing 150 and each rep afterwards was done with the internal ki energy (my voice is hoarse after yelling kiai , i can feel blood in my throat)

Well that was not the end too!!!!

Then we did 10 mts normal fighting techniques , i did it as if in a dream, half sleep half awake, i was that tired!
I was so very tired physically but very revives and energized mentally. It was indeed one of the biggest and hardest workout i had ever done in my life! After finishing the class shihan told us seniors, about the "kyokushin nite" organized on november 21st which is incidentally my Bday.

need to fill in the blog for the week ending 2day.
Came home at 8. Sleep at 11.45pm .

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hectic day

Woke at 7,30am . Slept very restfully.

The whole day was completely spent on writing the project proposal and budget for our final year project.

In the process saw samitha aiyyas (LECO) which was very similar to our one. Also searched the prices of components.

Taught my sister and her friend Physics from 1-3 .

Sleep at 10.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rest Day

woke up at 6.30 . Searched IEEE website and for ideas that the new board can implement. Watched some nice video clips about IEEE. Their was this great movie about power engineering in IEEE.tv . Great propaganda material.

Had a nap in the evening. Didnt go to the temple. Missed it after a long time. Watched UFC ultimate fighter. Awesome fights. Way better than UFC 103. All very exciting.

Thought about what to do for the independent study and the scope.

I will finish the project proposal tomorrow.

sleep at 10.00pm

Is the present engineering education geared to meet the current regional challenges?

Woke up at 6 and went for the seminar with the above topic organized by FEISCA.

Engineer Kishore urged all engineers to support their engineering institutions and thus feisca to rise up strong to the regional challenges.

Dammika Perera, a legend in the financial world and one of the richest men of our country spoke next.
He was introduced very correctly as a person having " The character and the energy of a successfull entrepreneur "

What policies needs to meke retain technology, while meeting present needs. Engineers must serve the society.
According to him
Engineering education must produce

1.Professionals Through qualitative education

2.Large number of personnel with less time and investment to satisfy the growing demands for such personnel. Much though must be given to this.

He spoke in sinhala about the present crisis where the medical students protested the creation of private medical schools.
He said that mathematical know-how and Jealousy must be inversely related as engineers would never protest against their fellow countrymen getting the oppurtunity to get educated in their profession.

21st century the asian miracle.

The next talk was by Professor Ananda Jayawardena the dean of our faculty. His talk stood out amidst all other talks due to simply awesome communication skills of his. He spoke about how he had overcome the problems he faced and gave an insight onto the challenges we face and how we can overcome them in the future. He emphasized on the importance of developing the entrepreneurship skills and innovative thinking. He also talked about student empowerment which i consider to be an extremely important concept. He said that students themselves raise more money than the lecturers by getting sponsorships. He also spoke about mentoring programmes and industry academia collaboration.

Professor Nazrul Islam
He said that Teaching is an art and the teacher is an artist.

Differences between USA and Srilankan undergrads

UK undergrads
They study because they wont to learn
Srilankan undergrads
They study with the only oblective of getting good grades (which doesnt completely coincide with knowledge gathering)
University of moratuwa is accredited under the "Washington accord" in 2007
The food was GOOD . It was great fun. Met a lot of people.
On the way got down from bamba with isuru and haritha. got an IDE DVDwriter for isuru and a a HS-100 A4tech headset for me. Hope to try out speech recognition using it.
Came home and went for karate practices after a long 13 days rest. injuries are healed and i was coiled like a spring to workout. I gave 150% and felt extremely good at the end. All my stress and tension was swept away and my mind and body feels rested. ready to go out for another week of all out work at the uni. The weekend and the 5 days following tha will be very very busy and cricial in my plans fro the next 4 years.
sleep at 11.
Hope to sleep tommorow at 9.30. Not later than that. I need a good nights sleep.

Busy as a bee4


Today i'll go home. Went for the installation lecture. No work after that. Started work on the project proposal and project presentation. Decided on the topic for the independent study.

Helped the twins of the gavel club with their speeches at 5 and left for home at 6.30pm.

sleep at 11

Busy as a bee 3

Woke up at 5.20pm . But couldnt go out for a full body workout as kanishka had the key with him and i couldn't get the door opened.
Went to the grnds at 6.20am and did a upper body work out.
38 pull ups including 6 for lats.

I stayed in seiza for 6 minutes. Seems my injuries are now almost healed. Can start trainig from next week. no work today. Studied econ till 1 and studied power systems till 3. Had practicals at 3.
It was applications of thyristors. Studied power systems basic principles and slept at 11.

Busy as a bee 2


We have 7 hours of lectures at a stretch. Darn difficult to concentrate.
Power systems lecture was good. So was engineering economics. Power sytems analysis was not so. But OR was interesting. They seem to be employing darn pretty lecturers with no difficulty what so ever. The lecturer today was a pretty young thing. And she taught us the simplex method very clearly. Met upuli madam and our final year project supervisor.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy as a bee

Woke up at 5.20am. came to uni at 7.30am . Insulation coordination lecture from 8-10. Need to be better prepared , or else its gonna be a slow death of interest. Came to hostel at 10. I felt sleepy through out the morning, so made my self a very very strong tea. (from the extra special tea i have with me). It was bitter. The results were amazing. I was totally up and my energy levels increased by a mile.came to uni at 11.30. Missed 5mts of Dr. Harshas Independent study lecture. I have 2 topics in my mind.

1)Economic effects of net metering on the country, a macro scale research on the economics

2)Approximate calculation of a unit cost (electricity) with respect to different sources and generation methods. economic analysis will include the investment and time value of money

went to library and revised power electronics and high voltage engineering notes.

1-3 operational research was fun.3-5 power electronics lecture became a bit monotonous.Sir went through a lot of theory very fast without us feeling, so high risk of us being left behind. Need to revise notes frequently.
Went to gavel club meeting Did a speech on "Is marriage an obsolete concept?" Gavel club educational meeting ended at 8. at 9.15 i pasted the gavel club speech contest posters in the university premises. went to hostel and revised work done today. sleep at 11.30pm. kanishka is today at the uni hostel room with me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

waste not want not

Woke up at 5.20 . Seems a good time to wake up. Went for a workout with sahan to the grounds.

The power electronic lecture had been cancelled. I came home. Today was another unproductive day coz cancelled lecture implies rate of workload increase will be higher in the time to come.

Came home and had a nice restful nap. Watched the match. Found out the live stream at Ustream to watch the match online

Srilanka Vs England Champions trophy 2009 live streaming

Ustream rockz. To watch this u need to make a free account in ustream first.

Free Videos by Ustream.TV

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Humiliation is the mother of determination

Blog for 23/09/2009

Woke at 6.00am. It rained so couldn't go to the ground. Did 90 knuckle pushups at the room. No lectures today.
Today was one of the worse days of my life. Had to go to Professor Lucas to sign the repeat form for EN353 electromagnetics. I got a C- and hope to improve it to a C. This is a black mark in my otherwise sound undergraduate studies. I completed the repeat registration and partially completed the annual registartion (for final year). Seems that i have a small toothache. This week end i will go to a dentist clean my teeth and fix all problems. Finished studying per unit system, but need to do some examples in orderv to complete my understanding. Schooled some super juniors on how to select subjects. came to hostel at 8 and did some econ sums. Sleeping at 10.00pm

Monday, September 21, 2009

The day comes to an end

Woke up at 7.30 . Downloaded UFC 103. Read the papers and some magazines.
Went to the BMICH international book fair at 11.

It was extremely crowded but the environment was great. Bought books for my friend milinda and past papers for my sister.

came home at 3.30pm.

Had a small nap. Finalized arrangements for the ADSL connection. Watched UFC 103. It was awesome. But the main cards were pretty dull and boring. what a mess Dana.

Knocked my right knee knocked on the stairs. Now both my knees are out of order. It is very painful and swollen. I need to be more careful.

Sleep at 11.00

Sunday, September 20, 2009

To be or not to be

woke up at 5.45am. Went to play football with my chums at 6.30am. My left knee still hurt . So couldnt give 100% .
Lost the first match but won the second.

Came home at 9.00
Browsed the internet and had a small nap.
Taught sister and her 2 friends frm 1-3.

Went to the lib at 4. Went to watch the amateur full contact karate tournament at 4.15.
It was a great experience and simply awesome to say the least . I was inspired to do my best,

Came home at 8.30.
sleep at 10.30

Inter dojo kyokushin karate amateur tournament

Oh! what an evening! It was a dream come true for a fight fan like me.

15th amateur full contact kyokushin karate tournament.

2 knock outs with head kicks and both knocked out cold! one didn't wake up for more than 5 minutes and had to be carried away!

several thigh KOs, solar and rib KOs' oh my!

The fight spirit shown by the fighters were unbelievable, as there were no weight classes or belt classes (no black belts fought) i saw fights between orange belters and brown. 50Kg weight guyz with 80Kg weight guyz!

guyz tall 7 feet with 5 feet guyz. Big difference in reach.

But ultimately what mattered was the heart. Some though bigger and more experienced lost their heart and thus their fights!

Some gave everything they had and fought with everything and endured what no mortal man will ever wish to endure and became winners.

Unbelievable how the spirit of a man drives him through pain and blood to victory!

One guy was knocked down by a big full blooded blow to the face and he still fought on! A real lion.
Is that sort of perseverance and courage humanely possible for us to achieve?
I will find the answer to that question in the years to come as a kyokushin karateka!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The difference between karate and any other sport

I was having this debate with my sister (who got her kyokushin black belt at 14) about the best sport to practice.

She was saying that a sport like Tennis will be better as their will be no wounds or bodily harm. So due to that safety factor,Tennis is better.

Here is my view.

Karate is not a sport (so no sense in comparing with any sport), it is a way of life, a vision , a philosophy.
"We will train our hearts and bodies for a firm unshaken spirit"
Any martial art demands the highest cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and mental strength. But due to the moral and ethics in karate it becomes a way of life too. Unlike western martial arts like boxing and wrestling their is an inbuilt code of highest ethical values in karate. (specially kyokushin)

When you are fighting their is no quitting because unlike sports like tennis it is do or die. (in a real world situation). If you are weak or make a mistake u will be replied with lots of mind numbing pain. So the passionate martial artist will train for that situation. Their will be no compromise. But in any other sport , take tennis for an example, mishitting a ball will have no repercussion other than loosing a point. But if you do so in martial arts the opponent will capitalize and give you a hell of a time, getting knocked out , be used as a punching bag or submitted is a very painful business. No other sport has that sort of repercussions.

Therefore the martial artist will always strive to increase all his capabilities and will be driven because of the pain he knows awaits him if he does not do so.

The other factor is the mental strength component. Fighting is not just a battle of strength and skill. There is the mental aspect as well. Through martial arts we will be growing mentally as well. Unlike other sports the spirit plays a major role in karate. This will help to increase our personality and self confidence. Though other sports also do so, the rate of increase in karate is much much faster than any other sport that comes to my mind.

Yes we will get hurt in karate, but that will be the driving force in building an person, driven to improve continuously in every aspect of life.

As you get to understand that there is no worse pain than what you have experienced, your self confidence and personality will increase in leaps and bounds.

The ethical values in karate will be thus integrated to the self in sweat and blood thus leaving an unchanging impression on the character and life of the person.

All these things can only be achieved by martial arts , which as the name implies is not just a sport but is a art ,"A way of life".


Never say die

Today woke up at 6.45. No workout. Seems my left knee is damaged and will take more time to heal. Today too my efficiency was low. Read the IEEE spectrum magazine but couldn't study electrical power systems as i planned. Searched for motors and sensors till 2pm. Need to start work on a proposal to get the money for our project.

Had a nap at 3. woke up at 4.30pm and eat my sisters Bday cake. Went for karate at 5.30 .

Good workout but my left leg is still useless.

Came home at 8.00 and sleep at 11.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Efficiency drop implies need to be more disciplined

Today was a rare day in the snese that my efficiency dropped a bit.
Woke at 6 and went to the grounds. Did the pull up and push up workout.

Went to uni at 9.00am. The Power electronic lecture from 10-12 was done by Dr. Pathirana and it was good.

Went to lib. met Mr. Upeka. Went to UGS division. Read book on power electronics. borrowed power systems book to revise.
came home at 3.00pm.
Had a nice nap. Updated and uploaded all sites.sleep at 11.00pm

The far off stars will forever shine

Woke up at 5.55pm. Went to the grounds and did 33 pullups and 60 knuckle dips. 50 crunches .

Went to the lecture at 8.05am. Dr. Hemapala who did electrical installations in the morning was very enthusiastic seems that electrical installations module will become hot in the days to come. All the lecturers i met for this semester are simply incredible. What lucky buggers that we are to be blessed with such a set of superb lecturers.

From 10 to 4 worked on the final year project. Decided to try for a sponsorship of Rs 50,000/= . 20,000 for motors 15000 for sensors 10000 communication unit 4000 PCB 1000 test environment .

searched more encoders and motors to be used in project. Went to texas site and ordered some samples. Did the gavel club  speak olympiad registration. Went to the University Of Moratuwa toastmasters installation ceremony. It was great. Dr. Ranga Rodrigo was the incoming president while the outgoing president was Mrs. Vishaka Nanayakkara. It was a great experience. We heard speeches from Vice chancellor of our uni Prof. Malik Ranasinghe, dean engineering Prof. Ananda Jayawardena. Afterwards we were invited for dinner. They called it a light supper but it was actually a full meal and i really enjoyed it as i am being closed to starved at the hostel. We were able to get the ear of the dean, vc as well as the head of the cse department. Great for the club. We have also got a 150,000 sponsorship from codegen for SO4 simply awesome.
 came from the meeting at 9.15pm. sleep at 11.00pm.

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Let defeat be the beginning of the sweetest victory

Woke up at 5.30am. Went to the Grounds at 6.25am. Did a total of 42 pull ups in the bar. Did 20 knuckle dips. Still thighs are paining.
The lecture from 8-9 was cancelled. So started work on the final year project part 1 - sonar sensor . pretty good experience. First the cable had got internal short. Got a good oscilloscope and tested the output from the PIC. It was working. Then tested the output from the sonar sensor. We did not get the expected output. Did the testing till 4pm (lunch break from 12 to 1(here i helped namal with the gavel registrations for speak olympiad 4)) . Then sent another mail to devantech support asking for help. As the circuit diagram is given the best thing to do would be to study it(given i don't get a reply) and check that circuit itself.
Came to hostel and revised what was learnt so far this week. sleep at 9.00pm

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don't just say
and nothing else matters

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The best lecturers that an undergraduate could wish for

Woke up at 6am. Didn't go for a workout but my thighs are a bit better now. can bend till 90 degrees. Went to uni at 8.00 .

First lecture was Power system protection. The lecturer Eng. Jayasiri wijayanayake is a retired protection engineerof CEb . He is very knowledgeable as well as passionate about the subject. We are very fortunate to get such a competant as our lecturer.

At 10.00  We had engineering economics. Mr.Makalanda who is a top lecturer from the MOT deoartment (a graduate from our electrical department) is doing it. He is a very competant lecturer too. Therefore decided to to take the engineering economics module as well.
At 12 went to library.

At 1 went to the Power systems analysis lecture . It was done by Eng. Anura Wijapala. He too is a superb lecturer very passionate about the power engineering. Though lecture was interesting i felt sleepy at the middle. That is very irritating. Need to think of something to overcome that problem.
At 3 went to the Operational Research lecture. It was good and i didn't feel sleepy at all. Funny how much sleepy i was at 2pm.

Came to hostel, had a wash and went to university library. Borrowed high voltage engineering book of professor Lucas and a Linear programming book. Studied the linear programming theory.

At 6.00 went to watch the drama competition for the super super juniors. Their dramas had no creativity what so ever and were very gross due to the way sexuality was depicted to induce humour. As girls were their it was a complete disaster.

At 7.00 went to computer lab and checked mail.
Had dinner and came back to hostel. I will revise what we did today before sleeping. Time is 9.00pm

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The first day of the final year academic semester

I had bandaged my wounded thigh. So the pain in right thigh was considerably less. Woke up at 5.55am . Made and had tea. Went to the grounds at 6.30am . As i can't use my legs did a workout at the bar. Did 35 pull ups and lots of swings and passing from one end to another.
Had a full plate of red rice at the L canteen. Went to uni a 8.00am. Professor Lucas lectured on EE402 (high voltage engineering Part 1) it was simply awesome sitting their and listening to the lecture of this great academic. He gave us an introduction and overview of the subject.

At 10.00 Dr. Harsha came and did electrical drives and applications (EE 4250) . As Dr. Harsha is teaching this for the first time,Though subject is good risky subject, so decided to skip it.

Went for Operational research (OR) lecture it was fun. Decided to take it.

Went and met seniors and asked for their advice on what subjects to do this semester.

Decided on it.i will do 2 management subjects and all electrical subjects with the exception of drives. Seems that lots of errors are prevalent in moodle. Need to go  and talk about that.

Sir said for everyone to unenroll from the synchronous machines subject.

Went to hostel had a wash and came back at 6.00 for gavel meeting. Todays meeting was pretty boring. It was not organized properly. I was the timer but 4got to get prepared for it. So screwed it a bit. Not big time though. But as i had to get some video clips to put 2 da blog 4got to time Niles Ice breaker. Sorry Bro ! .

Went to the Speak Olympiad organizing commitee meeting that was held afterwards. Harry gave a choclate treat for his win at the NUS CIMA GBC. Decided to give out registration forms at the goda canteen on wednesday.
came to hostel at 9.00pm.

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