Saturday, October 25, 2008

Settings for SLT ADSL connection.

Tryingto put up the new single port ADSL router(comtrend CT 5611) did cause me some sweat....
But it made me richer by 2000 bucks.....(SLT poorer by that)

So this is for you guys to get the job done quickly.

1.The settings(ADSL password and usr name) should be entered to the router and should be configured via the PC.

first install the driver(in router CD) for the USB connection.

2.Then connect the router according to instructions (a splitter is not essential if u do not use phone and internet at the same time)..
If the ADSL connection for your line is activated the Front panel LED - "ADSL link" will be lighted continously, without blinking....

if not
the ADSL signal is not available in the line... Pls contact ISP(SLT) and inform... They haven't activated the ADSL connection

first go to network places->view network connections->right click on USB remote NDIS device->properties->TCP/IP-> use following IP -
Default Gateway-

3. Then open browser
Enter the ip needed to access router interface @ address bar(

The settings presented here are almost the same in all routers

LAN IP Address: *
Default Gateway: will be automatically detected dont insert it(this is what u will see after connecting all other data should be entered)
Primary DNS Server: *
Secondary DNS Server: *

WAN Info

*VPI/VCI Con. ID *Category Service Interface Protocol Igmp QoS State Status IP Address
8/35 1 UBR TEST2 ppp_8_35_1 PPPoE Disabled Disabled Enabled Up

Service Category:

Connection Type

Select the type of network protocol and encapsulation mode over the ATM PVC that your ISP has instructed you to use. Note that 802.1q VLAN tagging is only available for PPPoE, MER and Bridging.

PPP over ATM (PPPoA)
* PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
MAC Encapsulation Routing (MER)
IP over ATM (IPoA)

Encapsulation Mode

configuration. Also, once you select WAN service over (eth0), you cannot configure any other ATM PVCs until the WAN service over Ethernet entry is deleted.

ATM PVC Configuration
This screen allows you to configure an ATM PVC identifier (VPI and VCI) and select a service category. Otherwise choose an existing interface by selecting the checkbox to enable it.

VPI: [0-255] 8
VCI: [32-65535] 35

Service Category:

Enable Quality Of Service

Enabling packet level QoS for a PVC improves performance for selected classes of applications. QoS cannot be set for CBR and Realtime VBR. QoS consumes system resources; therefore the number of PVCs will be reduced. Use Advanced Setup/Quality of Service to assign priorities for the applications.

Enable Quality Of Service

PPP Username and Password

PPP usually requires that you have a user name and password to establish your connection. In the boxes below, enter the user name and password that your ISP has provided to you.

PPP Username: GIven usr name in SLT sealed envelope
PPP Password: GIven paswd in SLT sealed envelope
PPPoE Service Name:
Authentication Method:PAP

Dial on demand (with idle timeout timer)
PPP IP extension
Use Static IP Address


Enable IGMP Multicast, and WAN Service

Enable IGMP Multicast
Enable WAN Service
Service Name

WAN Setup - Summary

Make sure that the settings below match the settings provided by your ISP.

VPI / VCI: 8 / 35
Connection Type: PPPoE
Service Name: TEST2
Service Category: UBR
IP Address: Automatically Assigned
Service State: Enabled
NAT: Enabled
Firewall: Enabled
IGMP Multicast: Disabled
Quality Of Service: Disabled

Click "Save" to save these settings. Click "Back" to make any modifications.
NOTE: You need to reboot to activate this WAN interface and further configure services over this interface.


again go to network places->view network connections->right click on USB remote NDIS device->properties->TCP/IP-> obtain an IP adress automatically
Default Gateway- erase

But give the DNS servers as:



Now open browser and change internet connection to Auto detect proxy settings for the network (options in firefox)

Now u should be able to browse the internet

check if connection works by typing at the address bar....................

wish u many years of happy surfing....

any questions forword to me or me

*The ones u have to enter

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