Monday, July 7, 2008

My First Marathon

Yesterday i ran my first ever marathon a whole 10Km in the road .It took me 59mts 15s to complete.
I did the whole race only stopping twice.It was a completely fantastic experience. I believe that running is good for health as well as a way to increase the mental strength and endurance.

It is all about seeking your limits and breaking them one by one.For if the mind can be controlled then physical strenth is of no use.

When the body screams i can't, if the mind wills that can be shutdown and be broken to do what the mind wants, not what the lazy body wants.

Discover the power of self , Then the world is yours.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Acer Extensa laptop, linux review

I bought an ACER Extensa 4620 , core2duo 1.83Ghz , 2GB , intel 965 GM chipset , WiFi abg (not draft N i Guess), 4 usb, 14.1 1280*800 screen , Intel x3100 VGA , FIR, Bluetooth ,160GB hard etc..

It cost me Rs105000 from metropolitan but could have bought it for 95000 from unity plaza.

As they have reliable drivers for the intel hardware my suse 10.3 32bit, suse 11.0 64 bit ; all worked fine.
wifi, bluetooth all had drivers and worked fine out of the box.

The price may have dropped now as i bought it in may first week. May be around 90000.

Given the low price this is the only laptop which gives such immense raw horsepower for this price (I searched a whole lot of catalogues in the internet.)

This also is reliable, though not to the extent as hp pavilion are.

Berly compiz all work fine.

I wouldn't recommend an ASUS eee , for regular work as it is very underpowered and works more as a ultra portable rather than a usable laptop. ( I must admit that it is really cute :) )

If you are really interested in buying an ASUS eee pls refer the Personal Computer World June magazine for a comprehensive review of what it is capable of.