Friday, June 6, 2008

Speak Olympiad 2008 Gavel club university of moratuwa

The SO3 priliminary round was concluded yesterday.with 24 participants .12 were selected to the semifinals due to be held next thursday.i was lucky enough to get selected .but a major defect was that no level 4 students took part in the event,Also some of the level 3 also did not take part ,thus leaving the competitive edge out of the competition.But it was superbly organized with a mark of professionalism.Speak Olympiad is the official speech contest of the university of moratuwa.It is a yearly event organized by the prestigious university Gavel Club.The gavel club which is an affiliate of the toastmasters movement works to uplift and develop the soft skills (mostly presentation and public speaking) of the budding young engineers.

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