Friday, March 7, 2008

My aims cont

After about 3 months of blogging , i still haven't being able to put up a new article.
sorry dudes but will fill it up in the holidays.

what i hope to do

1. do some research on
1. nano technology
2.renewable energy sources feasibility survey

2.article on why toastmastering (public speaking) is important to a professional engineer

3.join the ieee as a student member

4.put article on how to multiboot in linux with grub(comprehensive tutorial) to setup linmodem in linux /article.

6.put my view (a good article) on the FOSS movement and the obligations of LKLUG on how to
advertise it and popularize it within the young population.

7.Put my idea of inviting kelaniya - uok gavel to speak olympiad finals

8.Do article on socialism

9.Do article on the terrorism problem in srilanka and put forward my prospective

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